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GrillGrate LLC was founded in 2007 by Brad Barrett of Cartersville, GA. Frustrated by burning, under-cooking, over-cooking and general stress at the grill, he recognized an opportunity. The cooking grate has never been a point of innovation. It's job was just to hold the food and not rust. And they don't do that very well. Traditional grill surfaces have not been additive to the cook- until now. The patented raised rail design over a bottom with holes in it delivers a healthier, more controlled grilling experience with mouthwatering results.
We invite you to do your research and read the reviews- better grilling and better tasting food awaits. 
Made in the USA
GrillGrates are proudly made in the USA
The GrateTool is imported.
US Patent # 8,584,580
EU Patent # 2240057
AU Patent # 2009206439


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"I was at the point of replacing my TEC Patio II grill because the old grates were beyond cleaning. I looked into buying replacements but I never liked the design of the original grates and I didn't want to spend $300 for inferior grates. Grill Grates customer service helped me select the right grates for my grill and custom cut them to my specifications. The fit is perfect and my new Grill Grates are far superior to the original equipment. Best of all they were half the price of the replacement grates from the manufacturer." - Jody S

"We have a DCS Grill and needed to replace the original grates. The cost to replace was unbelievably high and I'm so glad we discovered these GrillGrates on! Not only did we save money, but these are superior grates that do not have the high maintenance of our original grates that came with our DCS grill. My husband loves his new GrillGrates!" - Cary O

"These grill grates transform any grill from mediocre to outstanding. My $200 grill now acts more like a $1000 grill with these grates installed. Even heating, no flare ups, and fast cook times make these grates the best grill related product I have ever bought. I love the perfect sear marks, and the much hotter temperature my grill can now achieve means I spend less time over the grill for perfect results every time. I am a big fan of these grill grates and look forward to using them for years to come."- Michael G

"GrillGrates combined with my Big Green Egg turns meat into gold. Say goodbye to flare-ups. Say hello to perfectly cooked food with beautiful grill marks. Money well spent!"- Steve G

"This is just the product I needed to clean my GrillGrates. It does a good job cleaning the valleys, which I always struggled with. I am very pleased. I am also amazed at the delivery time, I ordered it online Sunday and received it the following Wednesday, Outstanding service."- Roy G  

"It's true! All of it. Hamburgers are juicier, Chicken is juicer, and Pork Chops are tender and juicier. I can't wait to cook more to test the GRILL GRATE! The spatula that allows me to go under the food and lift it up with MINIMAL meat loss...I felt like a kid on Christmas Day!" - Mark T

 "These things rock. I have always liked to cook bacon on the grill....its the best ever. Only trouble is its hard to avoid setting it on fire. With grill grates it seems impossible to get flare ups. My bacon never catches on fire!" - Jeff C



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