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Welcome! Get GrillGrates at ACE Hardware*

  • Everyone is a potential customer
  • All grill(ers) you've sold before
  • Weber base is a GOLD mine
  • Sell with every Traeger and Egg
  • 50% margin
  • Rewards email to past grill buyers

*There are not many products that are not in Home Depot, Lowes, Academy, etc and are only in independent retailers like you. You have a unique opportunity to sell GrillGrates with confidence and for profit. 

Tools to help you sell

GrillGrate In-Store Video

GrillGrate Training for Store Associates

Recipes for Success

GrillGrate Demos are an easy and effective way to sell GrillGrates! Use these cards for store associates and consumers.

Grilled Watermellon Recipe Grilled Pineapple Recipe Grilled Quesadilla Recipe Grilled Pizza Recipe

Digital Ads to get the word out about GrillGrates