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Holiday Grilling 2019

Best Holiday Grilling Recipes & Tips For 2019


Include Your Grills In Your Holiday Meal Planning

If you’ve got a crowd coming to your house for the holidays, that means more than one big meal. It likely means several big meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   Bring your grills and your grillers together and take your meals to the grill. Take the stress down and the fun up during your holiday.


1) Delegate! You likely have a griller or two among your guests, enlist them to oversee the outdoor kitchen. Pop Quiz: what do you call people offering to help in the kitchen? In the way! Send them outside to the grills where they can truly help.

2) Decorate! Don’t just decorate the tree, decorate your outdoor grilling area! Set the stage with lights and seating around the grills to deliver great meals and great times.

3) Prep, Prep Prep! Preparation and pre-cooking will also reduce the stress of feeding a crowd and allow for quick, no-hassle breakfasts and lunches to just happen because you were prepared and have your grills and grillers at your command.

4) Think Breakfast, Lunch and Desserts on the Grill! Don’t just reserve the grill for the big meal on Christmas. With family and friends around for days, breakfast and lunch at the grill keeps the kitchen from being a short-order shop all day long!


Next Level Techniques To Up Your Holiday Grilling Game

Roulade: A dish cooked or served in the form of a roll, typically made from a flat piece of meat, fish, or sponge cake, spread with a soft filling and rolled up into a spiral.

Grate Grilled Breakfast- Bacon and Eggs and French Toast

Holiday Grilling and Chilling with Brad.

Pro Tip: Create a two zone setup on your grill when cooking larger cuts of meat.

Big Meats For The Big Feast!

Finspirational Seafood Recipes For The Holidays

Pro Tip: Use 2 grills, 1 for the meat and 1 for the sides and think about grilling breakfast for the family.

Grate Sides Inspiration


Pro Tip: Plan on cooking more than just your holiday feast. Don't forget breakfast, lunch and fun deserts!



While you are stocking up for the holidays make sure to add these items to your cart for impromptu breakfast, lunch and appetizers on the grill.

Grilled Brats

BRATS! No one ever got fired for buying Brats. Pick up several packages and be ready for a fast and easy lunch or game time snack. We really like the Johnsonville Brand

Grilled Pizza

MamaMary’s Pizza Crusts- The hard work is done with these par baked crusts. See our breakfast pizza recipe using the deep crust. Think of leftover / kitchen sink pizzas for quick easy lunches

Grilled Potstickers

Grab Frozen Appetizers Pot-stickers, pierogies, cheese sticks, and more are simple to grill on GrillGrates. Frozen to the grill could not be easier!

Pro Tip: Use the GrateGriddle to make a Christmas breakfast that won't soon be forgotten!


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