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Turn Clocks Back, Replace Batteries in Smoke Alarm, AND Replace Your Grill Brush

Posted by Brad Barrett on

Turn Back the Clocks & Get Ready for Winter Grilling!

It's that time of year again to turn back the clocks and say goodbye to daylight savings time. We are also reminded to replace the batteries in our smoke alarms and I'd like to add one other item to the to-do list-- replace your grill brush!

Traditional grill brushes wear out and can become dangerous! Grill brushes should be replaced regularly  especially if you grill regularly! And you can avoid those dangerous metal bristle brushes when you purchase new grill brushes from GrillGrate.

We offer a wide variety of innovative grills brushes and there is not a metal bristle in the bunch!

And as winter approaches this is a good time to clean your grills, particularly your gas grill. Grills build up a good bit of debris and 'heritage' as one of our Texas cookers calls it. Our new scraper / detail tool is ideal to scrape off build-up under the GrillGrates in the body of the grill.  

Its amazing how much char and debris accumulates even with GrillGrates on your grill. Get rid of this fire starter and critter food, clean around the burners, empty the greased cup and trays and keep on grilling!

Here are a couple of links to helpful tips for winterizing and cleaning gas grills:

If you are going to store your gas grill make sure you leave the tank outside.  Its against most laws to store propane tanks indoors with your grill.  

With the clocks going back this weekend- add a couple of chores to your to-do list and keep on grilling!

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