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Partially cover your grill surface by using
GrillGrates on top of your existing grates.

Say Hello to Perfectly Seared, Juicier, More Flavorful Food

Gas Grills Benefit the Most from GrillGrates

GrillGrates deliver maximum flexibility and heat control, and save gas too. Grillmasters rave about minimal flareups and the way GrillGrates protect from excessive charring, while evening out hot and cold spots for more evenly cooked food. Juices sizzle in the valleys for added flavor and moisture. The hard anodized surface seasons and delivers outstanding non-stick
properties, so you’ll never burn a steak again!

“And now I can finally tell you what I’ve told pretty much every single gas grill owner I’ve talked to since I ran my tests: If you really want to turn your grill into a beast, you need to get a GrillGrate. (Yes, I sound like a shill. No, this is not an ad – I am really enthusiastic about it.)”
— Daniel Gritzer, Serious Eats Magazine READ THE FULL ARTICLE

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    12″ GrillGrate Sets

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    13.75″ GrillGrate Sets

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    15″ GrillGrate Sets

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    16.25″ GrillGrate Sets

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    17″ GrillGrate Sets

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    17.375″ GrillGrate Sets

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    18.5″ GrillGrate Sets

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    18.8″ GrillGrate Sets

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    19.25″ GrillGrate Sets

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    20″ GrillGrate Sets

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    24″ GrillGrate Sets


Choose the Best Fitting Grates by Measuring Your Grill

In order to purchase GrillGrate top sitting grates that best fit your grill surface, measure your grill surface and then calculate which grates are the best fit. Do the math yourself or enter measurements into the grate calculator tool. If you still need help, feel fre to call us. We're happy to help! 1.877.380.2527
Top Sitting Grates Calculator
1. Determine the GrillGrate that Best Matches
the LENGTH of Your Grill
Enter the total LENGTH of your existing grill’s grates (inches)
2. Determine the Quantity of Panels Needed to Fit Across the WIDTH of Your Grill
Enter the total WIDTH of your existing grill’s grates (inches)


The Length You Need
The Total Number
of Panels You Need

Shop Top Sitting GrillGrates by Length

Single Add-on Panels

12”, 13.75”, 15”, 16.25”, 17”, 17.375”, 18.5”, 18.8, 19.25”, 20” and 24”

Single GrillGrate panels expand your existing GrillGrates

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