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Although GrillGrate began in 2007, our story really started the first time Susan and I grilled together in college on a 22” Webber kettle passed down from my father. We grilled cornish game hens stuffed with rice. Today, our deck sports five grills in every category that host friends, family, taste tests, GrillGrate podcasts, and great conversation.

Our family business over the years has included snapshots of our kids in the warehouse, our office dog Morgan who offers calm on our roughest days, and our cherished team of fellow grillers that pack the boxes and keep the wheels turning. Of course, our biggest company perks involve the incredible meals that popup at our office grilled right in our parking lot and GrillGrate kitchen.

We are thankful for the years, the friendships we have made and the happiness we feel knowing backyards around the globe are firing up with GrillGrates. Our passion is promise that the flames will continue to glow

Years Of Fun, Food, And Friendship

Lots of stories fill the archives of GrillGrate. Every
day is surprise. Our dog, Morgan, escaped from
the office once. We found her at McDonalds eating french fries! The most stressful day? That’s easy! It was the day Susan and I were on QVC. They had an outdoor set there and I caught a tree on fire. Almost burned it all down. The best part, though, is the people we meet along the way. From competitions and shows, to cookoffs and meeting happy customers everywhere, the GrillGrate passion is stronger than ever. Speaking of passion, one customer told us that GrillGrates improved his love life. That’s a good day’s work!

Serious Eats

“If you want to turn your grill into a beast, you need to get a GrillGrate.”

The GrillGrate Griddle and Defrost Plate

Available in 8 sizes
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