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GrillGrates for Tailgates
GrillGrates for Tailgates

Up Your Grilling Game with GrillGrates at Your Next Tailgate!

Burgers, Brats and Beer are tailgating essentials. So too are GrillGrates! Portable grills can be fireballs and require constant attention. GrillGrates tame portable grills just like their backyard brethren. Portable, lightweight and fits any grill. Add GrillGrates to your tailgate and enjoy your friends instead of standing guard against flare ups. 

GrillGrates will rock your tailgate!

The GrillGrate Difference

Dropping some knowledge!


Kamado Grills
Smokey Joe
Go Anywhere
Grate Tongs
Grate Gloves
Two pocket carrying bag


  1. Don’t throw away your old grills! Keep that old beater grill and turn it into your tailgating grill.
  2. Plan meals that you can prep for the day before. Getting as much prep done ahead of time frees you up to enjoy your tailgate & reduces the mess.
  3. Don’t run out of fuel! Bring a small propane tank or bag of charcoal with you as back up. Nothing will ruin your tailgate faster than not being able to grill!
  4. Pit Barrel Cooker is a great cold weather grill. It doubles as a grill and a heater!



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