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Get Healthy On The Grill!

Year after year we do the same thing; join a gym, start a diet and promise ourselves that this year will be different. But usually our resolutions die before our Valentine’s Day roses. Make a change you’ll WANT to stick to this year. Diet is the BIGGEST contributing factor to a healthy lifestyle – make sure you’re providing your body with quality fuel that tastes great!

 Healthy foods are SO much better on the grill! And grilling is so much better with GrillGrates! Just add seasoning to meats, fruits, and vegetables and throw them on the grill – you’ve gone from food that feels restrictive to food that feels rewarding!

 Are you on a meal plan? Do you prepare your meals for the weak ahead of time? The grill is IDEAL for meal prep. Batch grilling saves time, reduces cleanup, and makes foods more flavorful. Not to mention - good food from the grill will get you excited to eat healthy!


Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail! Take meal prep to the grill with BATCH GRILLING!


GRATE Grilling Resources

Meal Plan
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Dr. Axe's Grilling Rules To Live By
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Super Veggies
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Get Inspired And Get Grilling


The Anatomy of a GrillGrate

The unique design of GrillGrates protects your food from flare-ups, allowing food to cook to its desired doneness with gorgeous sear marks but without excessive charring. Highly flammable food drippings are captured in the valleys of the grates, and instead of igniting, drippings vaporize and cover your foods with flavor. The grates are made from anodized aluminum which makes them highly conductive – allowing heat to transfer evenly which eliminates hot or cold spots on your grill.

How it works