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Tired of giving your family and friends the same old fruitcake and Christmas sweaters? GrillGrates are the number one grill accessory. GrillGrates and hand-selected products for food enthusiasts create the perfect gifts for folks who have a passion for food. Fill their stockings. Combine products into gift bags and baskets. They make great hostess gifts too. Everyone on your list will thank you!

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PLUS, Three Grate
Gifts For YOU!

With every order of $300 or more, we will send you Johnny Joseph Steak Rub, Duck Fat Spray, and the GrillGrate phone/iPad holder.

“Just wanted you to know that I’ve personally purchased 6 sets of GrillGrates for my family & friends and everyone I’ve given them to raves about them.”
—EJ from Bellingham, VA
“I just ordered another box of 10 GrillGrate sets to give away to customers. Counting all the ones I had sent directly, I figure that I have given away about 75 GrillGrate sets. They are grate gifts!”
—Tracy F., Titus, AL

Better Than New With GrillGrates

Before and After

The GrillGrate Difference

Corporate Gifts 2020 - The GrillGrate Difference
Corporate Gifts 2020 - The Science of GrillGrates
No Flare Ups
GrillGrates prevent flames from burning, charring, and drying out food
Even Heat
Hard anodized aluminum heats food evenly. No more hot spots or cold spots
Juicier Food
Moisture vaporizes on the GrillGrate, surrounding food in flavorful steam
More Flavor
Drippings sizzle in the valleys and back onto the food as more flavor
Perfect Sear Marks
Heat is concentrated up the raised rails leaving beautiful sear marks
Reversible Panels
Use GrillGrates rails up for traditional grilling or flip them over for a flat top surface


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