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Measure and Calculate Replace

Measure the length
and width of your grill

In order to purchase GrillGrates that best fit your grill, measure your
grill surface and then calculate which grates are the perfect fit.



Four Ways To Calculate
Your Grate Purchase (Replacement Grates)

1: Do The Math

length chart

Choose the size that best matches
the LENGTH of your grill

Choose the number of panels you
need to fit ACROSS the WIDTH of your grill.


2: Use The Calculator

Enter your grill measurements

 Enter the total WIDTH of your grill grates (Left to Right) Example: 26.75  inches
Enter your current grill’s grate LENGTH (Front to Back)
GrillGrates For Replacing Your Current Grates


3: Call Us!

We are happy to help.
Take your measurements and call us.
We will help you determine the best grates
for your grill.

4: Fill Out Our Online Form
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