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Your friends, family, customers, clients and employees will thank you many times over when you give them GrillGrates for the holidays. Forget the frozen turkey- give them a way to grill the turkey!


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GrillGrates for the 22.5" Kettle Grill

Reg. $104.99 Now $89.24

Traeger Sear Station

Reg. $79.98 Now $67.98

The Griddle (13.75")

Reg $22.99 Now $19.54

The Temp & Time Thermometer

Reg $59.99 Now $50.99

For the Griller on Your List Who has been Very, Very Good!

The Ultimate Kettle Collection $499 with free shipping. A $600 value

**promo code does not apply to Ultimate Kettle Collection, Gizzo Grill or Bahamas Trip



Best Selling GrillGrate Sets

2 panel set of 15

Best Selling Starter Set

Two Panel Set 15" GrillGrates
This starter set will sit on any grill 

Reg $47.98 Now $40.78


GrillGrates for all Pellet Grills

3 Panel Set 17.375" GrillGrates
This sear station will sit on most pellet grills

Reg. $76.98 Now $65.43

GrillGrates for the Large Kamado

GrillGrates for all Ceramic Grills

Big Green Egg Large
Fits all 18" Ceramic Grills

Reg. $67.99 Now $57.79

GrillGrates for the Weber Genesis

Best Selling Set for Gas Grills

GrillGrates for The Weber Genesis®
Makes the best-selling grill better than new

Reg $131.45 Now $111.73


GrillGrate starter sets fit on nearly every grill- gas, charcoal, kettle or ceramic. GrillGrates form a new grilling surface that delivers remarkably better food. Each set comes with the GrateTool and a 26-page guide to grilling great with GrillGrates.

GrillGrates patented 3-dimensional design protects foods from charring flare-ups, evens out hot and cold spots, and the valleys act as a flavorizing system keeping drippings sizzling just below the food. Foods are more tender, juicier, perfectly seared by not charred or dried out. Never burn a steak again and grill fish, chicken, and vegetables with confidence and control with GrillGrate.



Your family, friends, and customers will remember you every time they grill! Come on Santa! Give the gift of great grilling and everyone on your list will eat and grill happily ever after!

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The Perfect Gift For Those Hard To Shop For Grillers

GrillGrate Gift Certificates

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