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Don’t leave your grates behind!

Grill Restaurant-Quality Food Anywhere You Go

These portable grills and the GrillGrate sets are the perfect addition to any road trip. The hard anodized surface of your GrillGrate seasons and delivers outstanding non-stick properties, so you’ll never burn a steak again! GrillGrates even out hot and cold spots and allow juices to sizzle better in the valleys – leading to evenly cooked, juicier and more flavorful food. Say goodbye to dry food, flareups, and excessive charring with your on-the-go grates!

Green Mountain Trek
Recteq Trailblazer/340
Traeger Junior
Traeger Tailgater
Oklahoma Joe Rambler
Traeger Ranger
Weber Q100 Series
Blackstone Tailgater
Weber Go-Anywhere
Blackstone Adventure Ready 22

Weber Smokey Joe

Eureka Camp Stove

Jet Boil Camp Stove

GrillGrate Camp Grate


Bring the universal set when you’re not sure what the grilling set up is.

Universal Grill & BBQ Gift Set

The GrillGrate Difference

Science of GrillGrates

No Flare Ups

GrillGrates prevent
flames from burning,
charring, and drying
out food

Even Heat

Hard anodized
aluminum heats food
evenly. No more hot
spots or cold spots

Juicier Food

Moisture vaporizes
on the GrillGrate,
surrounding food in
flavorful steam

More Flavor

Drippings sizzle in the
valleys and back onto
the food as more flavor

Perfect Sear Marks

Heat is concentrated
up the raised rails
leaving beautiful sear

Reversible Panels

Use GrillGrates rails up
for traditional grilling
or flip them over for a
flat top surface

Serious Eats

“If you want to turn your grill into a beast, you need to get a GrillGrate.”

The GrillGrate Griddle and Defrost Plate

Available in 8 sizes
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