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You'll Taste The Difference GrillGrates Make!

Made out of hard anodized aluminum, GrillGrates and GriddleGrates cook in 3 ways: conduction, convection and infrared. The patented raised rail design conducts heat up the rails for amazing searing while the valleys vaporize and sizzle juices just below the food for added flavor and moisture. The valleys are a flavor system for drips and marinades. We call it Dripology the science of grilled flavor.

"The secret to the unique flavor of grilled food is not the fuel, but the drippings. As these complex chemical solutions combust, they coat the food with a panoply of aromatic and delicious compounds"- The Art and Science of Cooking by Modernist Cuisine

GriddleGrates and GrillGrates

Learn how to measure your grill for GrillGrates in three easy steps. (Stock and custom sizes available.)

Choose GriddleGrates (without holes) for your flat top and GrillGrates for your grill. Interlocking panels let you cover all or part of your grill/flat top surface. First, measure your cooking surface from front to back and side to side to determine the length and width you need to cover.

Cleaning & Maintinence Tools

GrillGrates will season quickly with use. The Valley Brush and Commercial Grade Grill Brush are custom designed for daily cleaning. Treat GrillGrates like you would any aluminum cookware and clean occasionally off the grill. SHOP NOW

Cleaning Brushes

What Chefs Are Saying About GrillGrates

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