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Indoor Smash Burger

Indoor Smash Burger

The smash burger has been extremely popular recently because people are realizing how delicious a burger cooked on a griddle can be.Ingredients4 oz ground beef2 slices American CheeseSalt and pepperDirectionsPreheat the SearNSizzle™ on broil in the highest setting for...
Diner-Style Patty Melt

Diner-Style Patty Melt

A staple at the lunch counter of your favorite diner the diner-style patty melt is an amazing burger that can be enjoyed almost any time of the day. A grilled burger patty combines with grilled onions and melted swiss cheese and gets a perfect amount of crunch from...
Steakhouse Burger

Steakhouse Burger

Thick ground beef grills up perfectly with the SearNSizzle™ locking in the juices for this flavorful ground steak patty on a bun. Meat counters at better supermarkets often sell thick burger patties…Ingredients8 oz freshly ground beef1 tsp dijon mustard1 tsp...

Serious Eats

“If you want to turn your grill into a beast, you need to get a GrillGrate.”

The GrillGrate Griddle and Defrost Plate

Available in 8 sizes
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