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BBQ Ribs on a gas grill

BBQ Ribs On A Gas Grill

by | Published Nov 9, 2015 | Last updated Nov 2, 2021 | 10 comments

Prep Time25 minsCook Time4 hrsTotal Time4 hrs 25 minsYields1 Serving
Ideally, you buy the only BBQ Book you ever need- Peace Love and Barbecue by Mike and Amy Mills. They give detailed instructions for preparing and cooking great ribs. For years we par-baked ribs in the oven wrapped in foil and just finished them off on the grill. Since meeting Mike Mills of 17th Street Barbecue we have learned from the best! One of Mike’s first impressions of GrillGrates was that they would be ideal for ribs for the backyard griller (as opposed to the Smoker crowd) People always ask Mike how to do ribs on a grill, and his answer had been- it’s hard to do, and he suggests smoking. The added protection of GrillGrates makes all the difference. Since meeting Mike, grilled ribs have become a staple in our home.
BBQ Ribs on a gas grill



Remove the membrane on the backside of the ribs. Use a dull knife or screwdriver to get under the membrane and peel up enough to grab with a dry paper towel (for grip). Peel as much away as possible and move down the rack. I find this a challenging process and often compromise by running the knife under each bone and the meat in between making sure I split the membrane and peel it back. This gives you access to the meat for the dry rub and I believe allows the membrane to ‘grill off’ and shrink away from the meat on the backside.


CUT the Ribs into 1/2 racks- to allow for easier placement and rotation on the grill.


Sprinkle dry rub liberally on both sides of the racks


Let the ribs and rub sit for 1 hour at room temperature to allow the rub to season and penetrate the meat.

Grilling Great Ribs with GrillGrates on a Gas Grill

It is important to know how low your grill will run consistently. The ideal temperature is 225F at the GrillGrate surface which will read 175F or even less at the hood dial. Remember the GrillGrates will be significantly hotter than the hood temp. WARM UP your gas grill slowly (do not turn to high heat). Once the grill is lit, TURN OFF the Center Burners leaving only the two outside burners on as LOW as possible. If you have a 4 burner gas grill you are in luck as the center area of your grill will nicely accommodate 4 HALF racks. If you are working with a smaller grill ( 3 burners) you may need a rib rack.


Put ribs on the GrillGrates bone side DOWN after you are confident that your grill temperature is constant. Place thicker ends over the hot areas closer to the burners and thinner ends in center where burners are off. Set your timer for 30 minutes before you lift the lid. It is important to leave the lid down as each time you open the grill you lose that constant temperature. After 30 minutes decide if you need to ROTATE the Ribs based on hotter areas of the grill and the large meatier side of the ribs. Leave BONE Down and set your timer for 30 minutes again. At the 1 hour mark turn the ribs over on the GrillGrates to meat side down. Allow 30 minutes again and re-position / rotate ribs and return to bone side down for the remainder of the time.


At the midway point approx. 2 hours in, spritz with apple juice and foil. Cook for 1.5- 2 more hours in foil before removing the foil to sauce.


Grilled Ribs should take 3-4 hours at temps below 225F-250F. Patience! When the dry rub SWEATS and gets wet as the fat renders out of the ribs, sprinkle a bit more rub only on the wet spots. The dry rub will get hard and crispy toward the end. MOP the meat side of the ribs with BBQ sauce and grill 10-15 more minutes to let the sauce infuse the ‘bark’ of the ribs. Remove racks and let stand 5 minutes loosely tented under foil. Heat up a bit more BBQ sauce for the table and grab your napkins for GRATE GRILLED RIBS! CUT and SERVE!


 1 rack of ribs
 Byron’s Butt Rub, Denny Mike’s Sublime Swine or a try DIY Rub from
 Barbecue Sauce
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  1. Barbeque Parts Depot

    Always looking for new ideas for our company gatherings and everyone loves ribs. Thanks for the video, the tips are great and the one about just using the outer burner will solve come cooking problems.

  2. Calvin

    Wow, it just look amazing! I can’t wait to try it. Thank you for saring!

  3. Tamara Erisman

    Do you have a recipe for ribs on a ceramic charcoal grill? I don’t use a gas grill.

  4. Mike McBride

    The Directions are not shown in this recipie; at least on my iPad view of thee page. Looking for times and techniques

    • Emily Astin

      Sorry about that Mike! We have it fixed now. Thanks!


    Hello. Trying ribs on my Nexgrill. Lowest temp on the grates with all 5 grates/ (middle burners off/ outside burners at low) is 350. Is that too high? Would I get a lower temp by removing the middle grate and sliding the 4 grates to the center? I’m trying to get down to 250ish on the grates because that’s what all the recipes recommend.

    • Emily Astin

      I would try just turning on 1-2 burners and disconnecting the grates.

  6. John Coyle

    Hmmmm. Followed pretty well exactly as the recipe. Meat was not fall off the bone tender. Taste was good. Question is? Did I overcook or undercook? Longer in the foil or longer in the first step?

    • Emily Astin

      Sounds like they weren’t cooked just enough. I would recommend temping them in the dead center of the rack in the thickest part of the meat, then temp on the ends. If the bark was good,I would do longer in the foil. If you wanted more, longer out!


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