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Professional Kitchens

GriddleGrates and GrillGrates

GrillGrates and now GriddleGrates for commercial kitchens!

  • GriddleGrate is essentially GrillGrate without the holes for use on commercial flat tops and griddles.
  • Convert any flat top into a grill with GriddleGrate!
  • Commercial customers have been using GrillGrates on their flat-tops with great success. However the holes allowed grease and drippings to go below the grates. Without the holes, clean-up is easier both on the GriddleGrates and the flat-top.
  • GriddleGrate is made of hard anodized aluminum for outstanding conductivity and even heating.
  • GriddleGrate has NOT shown to be effective on electric flat tops.
  • GrillGrates have proven to be effective in commercial use. Choose GrillGrates for chargrillers and event grills.
  • Choose GriddleGrate to convert flat tops into a searing system.

GrillGrates for grills
GrillGrates on a professional grill

GrillGrates for flat tops
GriddleGrates on a flat top griddle

GrillGrates for event grills
GrillGrates on an event grill


  • New high heat plastic bristle brush ideal for moving grease and drippings to the grease trap and for cleaning GriddleGrate in pot sink.
  • Valley brush for stubborn carbonized build up in the valleys.
  • GrateTool for easy handling of delicate foods as well as for clearing valleys of debris while cooking


Click here for our commercial use and care guidelines

Grate Accessories for GriddleGrate