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Residential Kitchens

#1 Grill Surface Meets
The Hottest Kitchen Cooker Ninja Foodi

GrillGrate technology has come indoors. The Sear’NSizzle GrillGrate for the Ninja Foodi delivers juicy, unmistakable grilled flavors and sear marks via raised rails and valleys. They are made from highly conductive aluminum that transfers heat for even cooking. As an added benefit, the grates are reversible. The flat side makes a great griddle!

Burgers On Ninja
Chicken On Ninja
Steak On Ninja

Introducing The SearNSizzle GrillGrate for Ninja Foodi*

Ninja Grate

SearNSizzle GrillGrate
for Ninja Foodi

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Ninja Bundle

SearNSizzle GrillGrate Bundle
for Ninja Foodi

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*The SearNSizzle™ GrillGrate for Ninja Foodi also fits the Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer!

Download Usage & Care Guidelines for Your SearNSizzle GrillGrate Here

Ninja Grill rails up

Pork Chops

Ninja Grill rails down

Grilled Cheese
Egg in a Basket

The June Smart Oven
Even Smarter With GrillGrates

The June Oven offers professionally developed automatic cooking programs. With GrillGrates designed for The June Oven, its capabilities are expanded to bring the GrillGrate magic inside. Get juicy meat with perfect sear marks once only reserved for outdoor grilling. It not only tastes great, it’s smart!

June Oven

Introducing GrillGrates for the
June Smart Oven


GrillGrates for the June Oven

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June Oven Griddle

Grate Griddle for the June Oven

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GrillGrate Bundle for the June Oven

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