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Residential Kitchens

Anyone without an outdoor grill can now bring the grill inside on their griddle or flat-top with GriddleGrate.  

GrillGrates have won acclaim from backyard grillers and professional chefs as an improved grill surface that delivers better results. Now those results can be achieved by indoor cooks in their kitchen. Now you can grill year round regardless of the weather. GriddleGrate is essentially GrillGrate without the holes for use on flat tops and griddles. Convert any flat top into a grill with GriddleGrate!

Griddle Grate Collage


CLEANING & CARE: Treat Residential GriddleGrate (coated) as any other coated cookware. GriddleGrates are dishwasher safe. Or wash in soapy hot water. Do not use steel wool or coiled metal to clean.

CAUTION: The maximum temperature for GriddleGrate is 500F with spikes to 550F. Do not use over open flames. Not intended for outdoor grills. Good ventilation is required.

We welcome your feedback and encourage you to share your results!

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