Tricked out Traeger Pellet Grill

February 28, 2011

Arthur H. is the perfect choice to be the first winner in the Show Us Your Grate Moments in Grilling Contest.   His thread had me salivating and really showed how GrillGrates had enabled him to get to 650F at the grill surface.  From a pellet grill!  The steak photos were fabulous and had me calling our first winner!  Art, aka Savannahsmoker choose a Streaming Grill Brush from Grate Chef as his prize and has since sent some fantastic pictures.

I was ashamed when I saw his Valentines meal setting.  He’s been married a little longer than me.   Click here to see the full album of how Art tricked out his Traeger and his Valentine photos.  Art loves his Traeger, photography, good food, and his wife.  What a formula!

Many more winners to come!  Show us Your Grate Moments in Grilling and Win!

Thanks Art!