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Let The Seasoning Begin!

Brush on grates
GrillGrates won't look like this for long!
Three stages of GrillGrates
The three stages of GrillGrates.
Shoveling GrillGrates
The GrateTool also shovels the debris.
The Grate Cleaning System
The GrateCleaning System helps maintain & clean.
Dish Soap
Good old dish soap & elbow grease does the job too!
The Grate Brush
The GrateBrush fits nicely between the rails. Look Ma! No bristles.

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Do not use oven cleaner or other caustic cleaners. Do not put in the dishwasher.

Max Heat No Dishwasher No Oven Cleaner
Hard Anodized GrillGrates can tolerate high grill heat up to temperatures of 900℉, and are easily cleaned using a traditional grill brush or our new GrateBrush. Hard anodizing creates an ultra-hard and dense surface layer that can not be scratched or chipped off. This hardness prevents food and grilling debris from sticking. Replace your grill brush often! 3-4 times a year if you grill regularly.

USING Hard Anodized GrillGrates on Your Grill

1. Preheat Grill with GrillGrates in place. Make sure GrillGrates are interlocked and facing you. Place GrillGrates on charcoal grills after coals have burned down.
2. Initial Use: The first time or two you grill with GrillGrates use a bit of canola oil or grill spray on the cooking rails sparingly. Weber Spray or Pam Grill Spray work well too just go lightly. Discontinue use of any spray or oil once the grates are seasoned as continuous use can cause a build up and cause sticking. GrillGrates will season quickly and the non-stick develops naturally.
3. Clean Raised Rails using a grill pad or brush. Less is more. The raised rails easily wipe clean during warm-up or when brushed hot with a bit of water sprayed on the grill. TIP: break-in the hard anodized GrillGrates by cleaning them as little as possible when they are new. Avoid cleaning in the sink in the beginning as you want to encourage the seasoning process like a cast iron skillet.
4. Allow the side rails and valleys to blacken for maximum seasoning and minimum cleaning. Just keep debris out of the valleys and wipe down the raised rails during warm-up. Periodically use the GrateTool to shovel debris from the valleys. For those of you using GrillGrates as a replacement, scrape the debris to the back of your grill and shovel it out with the GrateTool.

The New GrateBrush and GrateCleaning System
Hard Anodized GrillGrates can also be cleaned in the sink if you choose. Sink cleaning is optional, but effective, especially after marinades and sauces have burned and collected in the valleys, or after the GrillGrates have seen months of continuous use! Soak GrillGrates in the sink or washtub with regular dish soap. Use a sponge or brillo on the raised rails, which will come clean with little effort. All other surfaces will blacken and become part of the seasoning so sink cleaning should be done only occasionally to preserve the seasoning.