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What a Difference a Grate Makes!

GrillGrates improve the functionality and effectiveness of any grill and solve many grilling challenges. GrillGrates patented three dimensional design is highly conductive, smooths out hot and cold spots and converts much of a grill's heat into infrared heat. The bottom plate blocks flare-ups while the valleys trap juices for added moisture and flavor. I invite you to discover what our customers already know - that GrillGrates tranform the grilling experience. Feel free to contact me to see, hear, smell, and taste the difference for yourself!

Best Regards,

Brad Barrett
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Link to Hi-Res GrillGrate Product Shots

3k 18s smallburgers on kamado grillwk 22.5 small
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2 zone IR shotside x side burgersBeets and Carrots, Grilledveggies on grillgrates
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Mahi mahi on GrillGratesGrilled Tuna on GrillGratesribeye on GrillGratesduck on grillgrates

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