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Thank you for taking a moment to discover how GrillGrates are transforming backyard grillers. Forget about the gas versus charcoal debate- the key to better grilling is at the grate. Better Grilling by Design is more than just a slogan. The Original Raised Rail Design™ is why GrillGrates grill food so much better. They simply lay on top of the existing surface or replace the existing grates altogether. I invite you to explore and enjoy a photographic culinary tour of GrillGrate- The Grate that's Changing the Grill and the Griller !

There are two types of PDF's below. Those on the left are industry narratives where GrillGrate is playing a role. On the right is background information and a food chart that details how GrillGrates grill food so much better. Are you a griller? You got to get GrillGrates!

Best Regards,

Brad Barrett

Backyard chefs strive to put out restaurant quality food
Some of America's Best Restaurants
are in our Backyards
Better grilling by design, the science behind GrillGrates
2013 GrillGrate Backgrounder
Open the door to healthy grilling
Take the New Food Pyramid
to the Grill!
GrillGrates grill food better
Food Chart detailing how GrillGrates expands a grillers' prowess and repertoire
Grilled pizza is no longer the domain of
dough-meisters and foodies
Grilling Pizza has Never
Been Easier