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Hard-Anodized aluminum grates specially designed for hard working commercial kitchens

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GrillGrates sit on top or or totally replace traditional cast iron grates with long lasting, hard wearing aluminum.

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Flat Tops

Convert a portion of your flat top into a grill and give diners a choice between an all-over sear or steakhouse sear marks.


Event Grills

GrillGrates will transform your event grilling through increased grilling flexibility and energy savings.

Why Grillgrate?


GrillGrate is proud to say that hundreds of chefs and food service pros have been using GrillGrates for years both at home and in their commercial kitchens. Based on their feedback, we developed a tighter-ribbed, wider, heavier GrillGrate and eliminated the interlocking joints. These Commercial Grates deliver steakhouse sear marks and flavor from sizzling juices when used rails up or deliver plancha style flat-top griddling on the flat side. The patented GrillGrate grills food better, faster, and more evenly - making for a more efficient kitchen and very happy diners.

Taking GrillGrate on the road

Chefs and food truck operators also helped us learn how GrillGrates work on flat-tops to convert them into grills by delivering the sear and sizzle of a Chargriller. We eliminated the holes in the valleys, and GrillGrates for Flat-Tops were born over 10 years ago.

Savings on Event grills

Caterers also discovered GrillGrates for their event grills. Most event grills have no hoods, so heat escapes continuously, making them fuel hogs. Replacing the standard grates with GrillGrates delivers startling fuel savings! Caterers reported using HALF their typical fuel on their event grills - meaning commercial GrillGrates often pay for themselves after 2-3 events.

Cook more food, better

Flare-ups and uneven cooking are common challenges with event grills using standard grates, creating the need for non-productive safe-zones on the grill. With GrillGrates, you can fill the entire grill with chicken or ribeyes and have even cooking from end to end with minimal flare-ups.

Need something special?

Custom cuts are also available. If you need help with your choice, the experienced GrillGrate team is here to help.

"When you have good tools, Grate food comes more easily. We use GrillGrates every time we grill fish."

Chef Michael Howell, Green Turtle Club, Bahamas

"We were skeptical at first- now we cannot imagine grilling without GrillGrates."

Chef Nello Gioia, Ristorante Bergamo, Greenville, SC

"GrillGrates are a must-have for any type of grill. My only regret is that I didn't make the switch to GrillGrates sooner!"

Clint Barrow, Owner and Chef, Frog's Cantina, Atlanta, GA

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