New Technology At The Grill Surface

GrillGrates Do What No Other Grate Does.

GrillGrates are interlocking panels that create a new grilling surface on any grill. The 3-dimensional design of GrillGrate is unique and new. All grates sear, but no other grates sizzle, radiate or protect. Foods are juisier and more tender.
1. SEARS The Raised Rails deliver superior sear marks from more surface area contact and better conductivity.
The Valleys capture juices and steam and sizzle for added flavor, moisture and juiciness.
The added mass and shape radiates with heat for fast, even cooking.
4. PROTECTS The Bottom protects against charring flareups and drying heat. Fats drain off and burn on
   the bottom of the GrillGrate not on the outside of the food.
GrillGrates are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum which is hard anodized (a natural hardening process) to create an extremely durable, ultra hard surface that is a much better conductor of heat than steel or cast iron. GrillGrates are more efficient and will never rust.
The GrateTool is an integral part of the GrillGrate system. It fits between the valleys to gently lift food off the grill, and it doubles as a cleaning device to shovel debris out of the valleys when it accumulates.

  GrillGrate 2012 Product Video                                           Choosing GrillGrates for Your Grill
GrillGrates are Available in Kits that Include the GrateTool As Well as Individual Single Panels.
All GrillGrates are 5.25” Wide Interlocking.
Kit of Two 13.75” GrillGrates create a 13.75” x 10.5” surface. A great gift and starter set. Easily add panels for more surface area. Kit of Three 13.75” GrillGrates create a 13.75” x 15.75” surface covering 2/3 of the Weber Kettle.

Kit of Four 13.75” GrillGrates create a 13.75” x 21” surface. Five GrillGrates create a 13.75” x 26.25” surface.
Longer Lengths Can Either Lay on Top or Replace Existing Grates.
5 Sizes of Cut To Shape GrillGrates for Round Grills.
GrillGrates are available in 5 Lengths: Standard / Universal GrillGrates are 13.75” long. Additional lengths are:
Longer length GrillGrates can also be used to replace existing grates altogether. Five 18.5” GrillGrates cover this 4 burner Charbroil grill.

Four cut to shape sets are available for round grills: •15” dia.
•18” dia.
•22.5” dia.
•24” dia.