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Christopher Columbus Grilled Apple Pie

Sticking with the flour tortilla theme for desserts… they make a great platform for toppings and fillings in between!  So why is this one named the Christopher Columbus Apple Pie?  Because it’s FLAT!  smile


Makes ONE Flat Apple Pie
2 Apples peeled and sliced thin
Caramel sauce (that is meant to be heated)
Cinnamon flavored granola bar crumbled
Whipped Cream / Vanilla Ice Cream

Building the Grilled Christopher Columbus Flat Apple Pie

Spread layer of caramel sauce on the first tortilla
Spread two layers of apple slices around the tortilla
Lay second tortilla on top
Spread thin layer of caramel over top of second tortilla
Sprinkle crumbled granola chunks over top of second tortilla


Medium Grill Heat 400-450F.
Use grilling spray or olive oil to prepare the GrillGrates
Slide the Quesadilla off the cutting board onto the hot GrillGrates, close lid
Check in 3-4 minutes depending on how hot your are running.
Use The GrateTool to slightly lift an edge to check the progress and darkness of the sear marks
Quarter Turn if the sear marks are dark and well defined- it not wait 2 more minutes
After 8 minutes- be checking for crispy firmness of the Quesadila and remove with the GrateTool
Allow to sit for 2-3 minutes to firm up a bit.

It may be flat, but its great with a dollop of ice cream or a spritz of whipped cream. 




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