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The GrillGrate Difference
No Flare Ups

GrillGrates prevent flames from burning, charring, and drying out food

GrillGrates even heat

Hard anodized aluminum heats food evenly. No more hot spots or cold spots

GrillGrates produce juicier meats

Moisture vaporizes on the GrillGrate, surrounding food in flavorful steam

Drippings sizzle in the valleys

Drippings sizzle in the valleys and back onto the food as more flavor

GrillGrates deliver perfect sear marks

Heat is concentrated up the raised rails leaving beautiful sear marks

GrillGrates are a reversible cooking system for your grillUse GrillGrates rails up for traditional grilling or flip them over for a flat top surface
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how it works
how it works

GrillGrates are reversible INTERLOCKING PANELS that fit across the surface of your grill. They can replace your existing grates or cover them. The GrillGrate produces juicier and more tender food.

Made of hard anodized aluminum, GrillGrates increase the grill surface temperature, reduces flare ups, hot and cold spots and delivers restaurant quality sear marks all at once. GrillGrates are the perfect replacement for old, rusted out grates.

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GrillGrate Recipes

GrillGrates For Pellet Grills

Turn your pellet smoker into a pellet grill. GrillGrates concentrate the heat up the rails for a perfect sear every time.

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GrillGrates For Restaurants

Convert a flat top into a high quality grill surface. Replace old grates with the best grilling grates on the market.

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Grate Tools & Accessories

We’ve got everything you need from cooking and cleaning tools - to clothes and more. Take your grilling game to the next level.

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