Factory Second Griddles

(20 Reviews)


Factory Second Griddles

Factory Second Griddles


(20 Reviews)




The GrateGriddle (factory seconds)

Clearance items are FINAL SALE- no returns. These products are excluded from coupon codes and cannot be combined with other offers. Some products are labeled as Factory Seconds, meaning they are perfectly functional, useful, and safe! They are labeled as a second because they have scratches, dings, dents, discoloration, or other aesthetic impairments preventing them from being perfect First Quality items.

With the addition of the GrateGriddle to our family of products you now have the ability to cook virtually anything on your grill. Perfect for searing steaks and fish, does wonders for vegetables and have you ever cooked breakfast on your grill? Bacon and eggs are a delight. GrateGriddle works really well in the oven too!

Shipping & Returns
Shipping & Returns

(20) Reviews

  1. Kurt Piette (verified owner)

    Was in good shape. Very happy with price and the shape it was in.

  2. Frankie Bates (verified owner)

    great. I got my grate in good shape

  3. Thomas (verified owner)

    Looks like a brand new one. Few scratches and a little longer than decribe. I cut it with my bandsaw to make it fit.

  4. Jaime (verified owner)

    Good quality product

  5. Paul S. (verified owner)

    This is going to be a good addition to my grill grates
    I love doing grilled sandwiches and it will be fantastic for burgers and bacon and eggs

  6. ALBERT (verified owner)

    The factory second was as good as new and the price was fantastic. The griddle came with instructions and care guide and worked like new. I use it for bacon, breads, eggs, vegetables that are kept moist while on the griddle. Clean up and seasoning went smoothly.

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