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Grilled Fruit Pizza

Wow your guests with a fruitful grilled dessert pizza after your next grilled meal. Enjoy an after dinner wine or cocktail while you make this pizza in front of your guests- they’ll think you are Alton Brown explaining how the sugars caramelize the crust.  The pizza crust is transformed as the juices from the fruits absorb and caramelize into the crust.  The crust will actually become sweet like a tart or cookie- it flat out amazed us- it does not taste like pizza crust any more!  Recipe developed by Jeff Raymond- A Big Green Egg Salesman in Indiana- and a hell of a cook too- Thanks Jeff! June 28th, 2010: Jeff just updated his grate creation with a PIRATE’s twist!


MamaMary’s Gourmet Pizza Crust- Use the Thin and Crispy OR The thicker version with the lip. 
1 cup Fresh Pineapple- chopped
1 cup Peaches
1/2 cup Mango, OR Nectarines
Country Time Lemonade Powder
Optional 1 Cup of DARK Rum
3-4 Tablespoons brown sugar


Chop pineapple to smallish chunks
Slice Mango relatively thin down the length

PIRATE Version: Place pineapple in a ziploc bag.  In a bowl mix brown sugar with dark rum, it will be fairly thick.  Pour it into the ziploc and allow the pineapple to marinate for up to an hour.  Turn the baggie every once in a while to marinate evenly.

Make Fruit Pizza on the backside of a cutting board or a peel:

Rub olive oil into the bottom of the crust
Sprinkle 3 level table spoons of Country Time Lemonade on the crust
Spread fruit evenly over the pizza, make a pattern or mix it up
Sprinkle 2 level table spoons of Country Time Lemonade over the fruit
OPTIONAL:  brush a bit of the fruit juice onto the fruit prior to the lemonade powder

Grilling Time 20 minutes on LOW- 350F at the GrillGrate- NO blackened crust- the goal is to have caramelized sugar not burned sugar on the bottom of the crust.

Slide Pizza off onto GrillGrates- you may hear a sizzling sound as juices that have seeped through the crust sizzle under the crust- just wait!
Using The GrateTool gently lift and peek under the crust and make sure NO BLACK SEAR MARKS on the Crust!  You need a full 20 minutes to allow the fruit to cook and the crust to caramelize.
Using The GrateTool lift and slightly rotate the pizza every 5 minutes a 1/4 turn to give more crust contact with the rails.
After 20 minutes remove and serve- Maybe a dollop of Cool Whip?

The fruit will be sweet not tart and the crust crispy and caramelized.  A great summer dessert treat! 




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