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Salmon With Lemon Caper Butter

This salmon recipe adds a zesty marinade and finishing sauce to grilled salmon on your GrillGrates.  No aluminum foil, again! 
Follow the directions for Simple, Delightful and Natural Salmon, and add marinade.

Prepare in a skillet: 

2 tablespoon butter per 1/4 pound serving
2 teaspoons capers per 1/4 pound serving
1 teaspoon caper juice per 1/4 pound serving
2 teaspoon lime or lemon juice per 1/4 serving

1. Whisk ingredients together, sautee on stove top over medium to high heat, stirring constantly for 4 minutes.
2.  Reserve 1/2 marinade liquid to use as finishing sauce.
2. When marinade has cooled, brush on salmon. You will repeat this step once you turn salmon on grill.

In the sauce pan, bring reserved marinade to a high heat again. Once marinaded salmon is plated, drizzle sauce over each grilled salmon portion.


1. If salmon has skin on, place skin side down on pre-heated GrillGrates (8 to 10 minutes), Low-Low/Med heat.  For charcoal, preheat your GrillGrates after the red hot peak, gray coals only (8-10 minutes), lid closed. 
2. Grill salmon approx. 16 minutes total grilling time on Low-Low/Med Heat, lid down. Timing depends on how hot your grill is and how thick the salmon cut is.
3. Turn after 8 minutes. See note below.

NOTE: Judge the initial sear marks to get an indication of how hot you are cooking. If the sear marks are dark to black on the first flip, you are cooking too hot, turn down the burners.  Notice how the natural omega oils sizzles just under the salmon to enhance juiciness.  Your grill never sounded so good.

Tip: Salmon cooks quickly because of its naturally high oil content, don’t over cook.

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