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Grilled Whole Carrots

Whole carrots are another vegetable that are ideal for GrillGrates.  Dense root vegetables take a while to cook and GrillGrates delivers just the right amount of protection and searing. 


Whole carrots 1-2 per person
Olive oil
Cracked Pepper


Peel carrots
Spritz with olive oil or put in zip lock, or bowl with oil and cracked pepper

Grilling Whole Carrots:

Grill carrots and most vegetables at medium heats 400-500F.
Carrots take 15-25 minutes depending on their size. 
Lay them with the rails and rotate every 4-5 minutes.
Avoid blackening and recognize that means your grill temps are too high.

Remove from grill when they are soft to pierce with a fork or knife.




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