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Grate Tailgate Recipes

"Give your tailgate an edge over the competition!"

Take Your GrillGrate to the Tailgate

GrillGrates are interlocking panels that are placed on top of any grill to create an improved new grill surface. Its raised rail design keeps fats from feeding the fire and causing flare ups, which causes charred, burnt-tasting, unhealthy food. The juices sizzle with the food for a more tender and succulent meal.
  • Flare Up Protection
  • Juicier & More Tender Meats
  • Perfect Sear Marks Every Time
  • Great for Grilling Fish, Pizza & Vegetables
  • Easy Clean Up

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Tailgating with the Guys
Warm-Ups/ Appetizer: Wicked wings
Game On/ Main Course: Three B's- burgers, brats & beer
Overtime/ Dessert: Bacon wrapped burger logs w/ more beer

Tailgating with the Girls
Warm-Ups/ Appetizer: Potstickers, pirogues or egg rolls
Game On/ Main Course: Black bean & salsa quesadilla
Overtime/ Dessert: Raspberry chocolate quesadilla

Tailgate Pizza Party
Warm-Ups/ Appetizer: Ultimate breakfast pizza
Game On/ Main Course: BBQ pizza w/ pulled pork & your favorite sauce
Overtime/ Dessert: Fruit pizza (Pirate version think rum)

Gourmet Tailgate
Warm-Ups/ Appetizer: Ravioli w/ vodka dipping sauce
Game On/ Main Course: Herb chicken thighs with white barbecue sauce
Overtime/ Dessert: Pears, goat cheese & pepper jelly quesadilla

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