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Designed specifically for hard working commercial kitchens

GrillGrates for Event Grills, Chargrillers
and Flat Tops

Chefs and food service pros have been using GrillGrates for years in their backyards and in their businesses. Based on their feedback, we developed a tighter rib, wider, heavier GrillGrate and eliminated the interlocking joints. Chefs and food truck operators also helped us learn how GrillGrates work on flat-tops to convert them into grills by delivering the sear and sizzle of a Chargriller. We eliminated the holes in the valleys, and GrillGrates for Flat-Tops were born over 10 years ago.

Caterers also discovered GrillGrates for their event grills. Most event grills have no hoods, so heat escapes continuously making them fuel hogs. Replacing the standard grates with GrillGrates delivers startling fuel savings! Caterers reported using HALF the fuel and even sent pictures of their gas gauges after a day-long cook. Flare-ups and uneven cooking are common challenges with event grills. Hence the need for safe zones and keeping areas of the grill non-productive. With GrillGrates, you can fill the entire grill with chicken or ribeyes and have even cooking from end to end with minimal flare-ups that don’t ruin the food.


Custom cuts are also available. If you need help with your choice, click to email us your grill or flat top’s dimensions for a quote.*


Patented raised rail design conducts heat up the rails for amazing searing while the valleys vaporize and sizzle juices just below the food for added flavor and moisture. The rails sear and the valleys sizzle.

Made from hard-anodized aluminum for maximum heat conductivity with uniform temperatures across the cooking surface. Even heating delivers evenly cooked food.

Fuel saving, energy efficient especially with Event Grills and Chargrllers. Run your grill at lower settings and cook hotter with GrillGrates capturing and conducting the heat to the food.

Never rusts, easier to clean and more durable than cast iron.

  • GrillGrates for Bakers and Chefs 8-Burner Catering Event Grill

  • GrillGrates for Royal Gourmet’s 8-Burner Catering Event Grill

  • GrillGrate Replacement 8-Burner Catering Event Grills

  • Commercial Flat-Top GrillGrate

  • Custom Cut Commercial GrillGrate

  • Commercial GrillGrate

  • Commercial Grade Grill Brush (24″ Handle)

  • Commercial Grate Valley Brush

  • Commercial Grade Grill Brush Replacement Head

  • GrillGrate Laser Thermometer

  • Temp & Time Instant Read Thermometer

  • The GrillGrate Detailing Tool and Scraper


“We were skeptical at first, now we cannot imagine grilling without GrillGrates.”

Chef Nello Gioia, Ristorante Bergamo, Greenville, SC

“When you have good
tools, Grate food comes
more easily. We use
GrillGrates everytime
we grill fish.”

Chef Michael Howell,
Green Turtle Club, Bahamas

“GrillGrates are a must-have for any type of grill. My only regret is that
I didn’t make the switch to GrillGrates Sooner!”

– Clint Barrow, Owner and Chef, Frog’s Cantina, Atlanta, GA

Serious Eats

“If you want to turn your grill into a beast, you need to get a GrillGrate.”

The GrillGrate Griddle and Defrost Plate

Available in 8 sizes
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