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Science of GrillGrates

The Science of GrillGrates

GrillGrates Concentrate and Even
Out the Heat of Any Grill

Traditional grill surfaces just hold the food over the heat letting flames through and drippings fall away. GrillGrates do more than hold the food over the flame, they are additive to the cooking process. GrillGrates act like a lens on top of any heat source. They focus the grill’s heat and conduct the heat up the raised rails to the food.

Food is Protected From Flare-Ups
From the Bottom Plate

The underside of GrillGrates blocks flare-ups from engulfing food, preventing charring and drying out. The hole pattern design was developed in the aerospace industry for flame control around fuel tanks.

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GrillGrates Fit On Any Grill

For gas grills, either replace old grates or sit them on top of the existing grates. For kamado, charcoal, and pellet grills, GrillGrates sit on top of the existing grates. They are not intended to replace grates on these types of grills. GrillGrates are only replacement sets for gas grills. Please Note the Increases in Temperature You Can Expect by Adding GrillGrates to Grill Surfaces.

Up to +250F°

Up to +250F°

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Up to +350F°

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Up to +200F°

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