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GrillGrates for Event Grills

What a difference GrillGrate makes!

GrillGrates for Event GrillsGriddleGrates for your Flat Top

GrillGrates For Event Grills

If you own an event grill you need GrillGrates! These typically overpowered beasts have many common issues. Most event grills do not have a lid which means more flare ups and hot spots requiring safe zones. GrillGrates are transformational on event grills, they increase functionality, fuel efficiency and responsiveness. You can effectively use the entire grill surface with confidence. Hot spots and cold spots are eliminated. Flare ups are a thing of the past and gorgeous sear marks are in your future. The real magic with GrillGrates is how fats and moisture are vaporized directly below your food bathing it in a beautiful panoply of grilled flavor! (juices are no longer fire starters, they are flavor makers)



GriddleGrates For Flat Tops

GriddleGrates transform any flat top into a grill, making your flat top more versatile. GriddleGrates are GrillGrates without the holes. Heat will be evened out across the entire surface and you get the magic of sear marks and grilled flavor!