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What makes GrillGrates better than the existing grates on my grill?

  • The Original Raised Rail Design™ is an engineered cooking system that sits atop any existing grill surface OR can be used as a complete replacement on gas grills. GrillGrates sear and sizzle foods better than traditional grills, which have more open exposure to direct flame and juices are only fuel for flare-ups. GrillGrates virtually eliminate charring but accentuate searing.
  • The "Sizzle Effect" is a major difference when comparing GrillGrates to conventional grills. In open fire grilling much of the dripped fatty juice becomes fuel that is carbonized onto the outer layer of the food aided and compounded by flaming and flare-ups. With GrillGrates, juices sizzle (steaming and boiling) just below the food. This aromatic sizzling delivers a huge pop of flavor instead of charred taste. Over time, fatty juices drain out through the fat draining holes in the valleys. We call it Dripology™. You'll call it Grate grilling!
  • The GrateTool™ makes handling and turning food on GrillGrates a pleasure not a challenge. The prongs of the GrateTool fit between and below the rails to lift not scrape food on the grill. The GrateTool handles pizza beautifully from quarter turning on the grill to carrying pizza to the table. NOTE: The GrateTool also doubles as a cleaning tool. Simply run The GrateTool down the valleys during warm-up to sweep debris off GrillGrates. You will find GrillGrates get better with age and they’ll never rust!

Should I replace my existing grates with GrillGrates or simply place them on top of my grates? Which is better?

We are seeing a lot more people going the replacement route with gas grills. GrillGrates work fine going on top of your existing surface. Having some space in the back of the grill or on the sides is OK. GrillGrates will run hotter because they trap heat. If you want to remove your old grates because they are rusted and/or unusable, just be careful that by covering more grill surface and having less area for heat to escape the grill will run hotter. Your grill will be more efficient. Just watch your temps.

A four panel set of 13.75

Four 13.75" GrillGrates- Most of the surface is covered but you still have space on all sides of your GrillGrates.

A four panel set of 17.375

Four 17.375" GrillGrates- A majority of front to back is covered with some space on both sides for ventilation.

A five panel set of 18.5

Five 18.5" GrillGrates- The entire surface is covered in GrillGrates. We have finely tuned grill ready for action.

How do I choose the right size GrillGrates for my grill?

  • For rectangular gas grill owners first you need to determine if you want to replace your existing grill surface or simply use GrillGrates on top of your existing surface. The most important measurement is the length of the grates on your grill. Stand in front of your grill and measure the front to back dimension of the existing grates. Next, you determine the width of your grill surface, then decide how many GrillGrates you want across. Once you have your grill surface specs you can use our handy GrillGrate calculator to determine exactly what you will need. Click here for the GrillGrate calculator. All GrillGrates are 5.25 inch wide and interlock. *when the panels are interlocked you lose about 1/8" per panel. 

Interlocked GrillGrate panel widths

  • For round charcoal grill owners determine the diameter of your grill's cooking grate. Once you have your diameter please click here to shop for kamado style grills. For all other round charcoal grills click here to shop for your grill's set of grates.
  • For pellet grill owners you will need to measure the depth and width of your pellet grill's existing surface. The depth is really the most important determining factor for pellet grills. We like to gear pellet grill owners towards what we like to call a Sear Station. A Sear Station is a three panel set of GrillGrates intended for use on top of the pellet grill's existing surface when you want to do high heat direct grilling. We recommend positioning the Sear Station over the fire pot with most pellet grills. Click here to shop for your pellet grill Sear Station

What is the dimension of a GrillGrate?

We have several lengths of GrillGrates: 12", 13.75", 15", 16.25", 17.375", 18.5", 18.8", 19.25", 20", and 24". Each grate is 5.25" wide, the space between each raised rail is 7/8", and the height of the grate is 13/16".

Should I remove my flame tents and/or flavorizer bars?

No. They act as a flame shield to disperse heat laterally and to avoid hot spots. They also protect your burner tubes from accumulating debris.

How long will GrillGrates last?

GrillGrates are made of strong Hard Anodized Aluminum and will provide years of grate grilling! With moderate care and proper use, a set of GrillGrates should last or outlast the life of your grill. Moderate care is essentially cleaning up before grilling using a traditional wire brush OR our newly designed GrateBrush. Just keep the rails clean to deliver the best searing and nonstick. Periodic cleaning in the sink or a bucket is helpful especially after a heavy marinade that coats the GrillGrates.

GrillGrates are made from hard anodized aluminum- is that safe to cook on?

Hard anodized aluminum is perfectly safe to cook on.

This section was gleaned from studies by University of Clemson: Exposures to aluminum through food can occur when aluminum leaches or otherwise dissolves from the cookware into the food. Leaching is most likely when the foods being cooked or stored are highly basic (like baking soda) or highly acidic (like tomato sauce, lemon juice, oranges, or vinegar). For example, tomato sauce has been shown to contain 3-6 mg aluminum (per 100 g serving) after cooking in aluminum pans, which translates into about one-tenth of the typical daily intake. This leaching of aluminum with acidic foods does not happen with aluminum cookware that is anodized, or electro-chemically processed to seal the aluminum in the cookware. Clemson University Extension’s Home and Garden Information Center tested different cookware types, and found anodized aluminum cookware to be safe.

Anodized materials have an extremely long life span. Anodized surfaces do not chip or peel. Anodized aluminum is used to protect satellites from the harsh environment of space, to harden automotive racing parts against friction and heat, as well as for display cases, coolers, and grills for the food industry.

What is the best way to break in my new GrillGrates?

Cook some food with a high fat content like chicken thighs or burgers the first few times you grill. Let your grates season in like a cast iron skillet. GrillGrates reside on your grill, unless you intend on storing them indoors or traveling with them. A brush during warm up and an occasional shovel of the valleys with the GrateTool is all you need. If they get a lot of build up over time, a hot water soak with a mild dish soap and a brillo pad works wonders. Simple Green also works well. Deep cleaning may be only necessary once a year.

Any special procedures for charcoal grills?

Only if you use lighter fluid and make a bonfire like Myron Mixon! Wait to place GrillGrates after the coals are burned down, ready to grill and preheat for 10-15 minutes. Otherwise you will burn off all your seasoning. NOTE: Aluminum melts at 1125℉. Most grills top out at 700-800℉. Most charcoal purists are Weber or Green Egg aficionados who understand heat control well. GrillGrates functionality is the same for charcoal grills. Food is protected from charring flare-ups and good juices sizzle just below the food for noticeably juicer more tender meats – particularly chicken and pork. If you are a high- heat charcoal griller you will love the way GrillGrates sear a steak while protecting it from drying out and charring. NOTE: You will be able to do more direct (rather than indirect) grilling with GrillGrates on charcoal grills.

Will my grill run hotter with GrillGrates?

Yes. GrillGrates cook via all methods of cooking: conduction, convection and infrared. GrillGrates with their extra mass and surface area literally radiate heat and provide more direct food contact than conventional grills. In addition they convect heat between the rails. Aluminum is a superb conductor of heat smoothing out hot spots and cold spots and focusing the heat of the grill to the raised rails. Adjust grill temps downward and enjoy gas savings or use less fuel. Keep in mind that most grills typically run 100-150℉ degrees hotter at the cooking surface than the air in the hood anyway and GrillGrates will be hotter still. Kamado grills run 200-300℉ hotter at the surface, gas grills 100-200℉ hotter and pellet grills you can expect to see about 100℉ hotter.How much GrillGrates will increase the heat of the grill surface

Can I turn them over and use them as a flat surface?

Sure can! Our buddy Meathead from and lots of our customers do it all of the time! Or you can use our GrateGriddle

Can I use my cast iron skillet or griddle on top of my GrillGrates?

We do not recommend you put anything on your GrillGrates other than food or our GrateGriddle. Heat can potentially become trapped and damage the GrillGrates. 

I "stuck my food" on my GrillGrates! What went wrong?

There are a few things that could have gone wrong. The number one reason food will stick to any grilling surface is that the grill was not hot enough to begin with. Often times your seasoning or rub can be the culprit if it contains a high concentration of sugar. For a deeper dive about how to keep food from sticking to your grill please refer to this article on Amazing

Is there a warranty on the GrillGrates.

Yes. We have a no questions asked warranty. After using GrillGrates you decide, if you don't like them for any reason, we'll take them back! New or used GrillGrates may be returned within 90-days for a full refund (you only pay shipping) Normal wear and tear or modifications are not covered by this warranty.

What is the best way to clean GrillGrates?

The best way to clean GrillGrates is during the warm-up of the grill. Set gas grills to medium, with GrillGrates in place and close lid. Use traditional cleaning methods like grill pads or a wire brush during warm up. We don't recommend high-heat burn-off as you burn off the seasoning. Occasional high-heat burn off is fine- especially after a particularly slopping marinade or a lot of chicken wings etc. Periodic cleaning in the sink or in an outside bucket will help keep GrillGrates at their best. The rails of the Anodized GrillGrates clean up well on the grill with a brush and in the sink with a sponge or brillo. Do not use harsh de-greasers or caustic cleaners such as oven cleaners on GrillGrates- they can pit the hard anodized surface. Do not place hot GrillGrates in cold water as it may warp the panels. Soak in hot water and dish soap after the Grates have cooled down. For additional information please refer to our Use & Care Guidelines.

Can I clean the GrillGrates in dishwasher?

Do not put GrillGrates in the dishwasher. The dishwasher itself if not the culprit, but the harsh caustic detergents that can pit the hard anodized surface. Besides it can make a mess in the dishwasher! Do no use caustic dishwashing detergent or oven cleaners on the Hard Anodized GrillGrates.

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You do not have the exact size for my grill, do you custom cut the GrillGrates?

We offer a custom cutting service and are able to cut any length grate 24 inches or less. There is a $5 per panel cutting fee built into the price. For more info check out our Custom Cut Page. We can only custom size the length of GrillGrates not the width. With the introduction of our new Gap Panels we can now cover a wider variety of widths on rectangular grills. Cutting GrillGrates is easy with any metal cutting saw. Place the cut side to the back of the grill. OR, take them to your local hardware store as most have chop saws in the back.

Where do GrillGrates ship from?

Our main warehouse is located in Cartersville, GA and we also have a warehouse in Roscoe, IL. We use FedEx Ground with no signature required as our default. If you want to sign for your package, please state in the order notes when you place your order. We ship USPS to HI, AK, and post office addresses. We ship worldwide via USPS Priority Mail International.

I made a mistake and ordered the wrong size. What do I do?

If you want to exchange for another size, simply return them in the original box (if possible) well packed with paper to GrillGrate, LLC, 403 Old Mill Rd, Suite G, Cartersville,GA 30120. Please write on your pack slip what you would like to exchange for. If you do not have your pack slip, PLEASE INCLUDE A NOTE with either an order # or name, and what you want us to do. If you have called our office and spoken to someone about your order, you still need to write a note. We will not remember!!! Once we receive your order we will make the exchange. Depending on the size we will either credit your card the difference or contact you if additional payment is needed.
If you are in a HURRY and have to have the GrillGrates now, go ahead and order the correct size and send the original set back to us with a NOTE asking for a full refund.

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