The GrillGrate Griddle and Defrost Plate

(48 Reviews)


The GrillGrate Griddle and Defrost Plate

The GrillGrate Griddle and Defrost Plate


(48 Reviews)




The GrateGriddle

With the addition of the GrateGriddle to our family of products you now have the ability to cook virtually anything on your grill. Perfect for searing steaks and fish, does wonders for vegetables and have you ever cooked breakfast on your grill? Bacon and eggs are a delight. GrateGriddle works really well in the oven too! Learn more about what you can do with the GrateGriddle here!

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Shipping & Returns

(48) Reviews

  1. Ted Wright

    I now have two grill Grate Griddles that I have attached to my three sections of Grill Grates. It makes for a great combination.

  2. Lee Lander

    Awesome product, just lay it right on top of my GrillGrates and work as a flat top gas grill. NICE, definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to increase the value and use of their outdoor grilling.

  3. Sean Marcellus

    It is really nice to be able to have a griddle on my grill. I purchased a 2nd one, after trying my first, for when my Vegan daughter in law comes over that I don’t use for meat. It works great the way it spreads out the heat. I actually use this more for defrosting than I do cooking, probably 4-5 times a week. They say it is 2x at defrosting but seems to me more like 4x, this thing is amazing.

  4. Casimir Laczkowski

    Said on your website it would integrate with your regular grates it does not.It leaves a 2 in gap only works when laying on top of regular grates. Pictures on your website shows a perfect fit very miss leading.
    We may Griddles in all same lengths as our GrillGrates. We’ll look at our site to make sure we are not giving poor information.

  5. Robert Bojan

    Best Smashburgers


    LIGHT wt. Fit perfectly into my LAGASEE air fryer 360 XL . CURED IT ! at 450* THEN Rubbing an ONION CUT in Half. BOTH sides were CURED ! LATER ! cooked MEAT on the GRILL using the ONLY sure DUCK GREASE ! WOW ! Was it GOOOD ! JR 85

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