GrillGrates for

Flat-Top Griddles

Grill anywhere - even on your griddle


Get steakhouse quality sear marks - on your flat-top

 Hard anodized aluminum GrillGrates concentrate the heat of your flat-top or griddle for better, more flavorful cooking. 

GrillGrates allow you to grill anywhere, including on your flat-top or griddle. The patented raised rail design evenly transfers heat into your food, allowing you to sear quickly and easily. Heat is trapped and conducted up the raised rails while the valleys sizzle juices for added flavor, moisture and tenderness, leading to bold sear marks and a great sizzle every time. Get the bold, steakhouse quality sear marks you’d expect from a traditional grill by using GrillGrates for flat-top griddles.

GrillGrates are as low maintenance as it gets! Check out these quick and easy cleaning tips to keep your grates in good shape and ready for their next use. Learn More



"GrillGrates will truly up your grill game. Everything comes out juicy and seared to perfection. You'll never grill without them again."

Lizz P.

"This Grate is amazing! Even cooking, gets really hot. Our guests said, "We didn't see you use a BBQ grill to cook the steaks!" They could not believe it- the steaks tasted just like they were cooked on a grill. I highly recommend this."


"Wonderful! A MUST for All Serious Grillers!"

Bob D.

"Perfectly grilled steaks, burgers and chicken. Best grill investment I had made so far. You wont be disappointed."

F Martinez.

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