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Grill for Your Best Health & Beat the Cancer Hysteria

Spring is finally here and so to are the stories and articles about the dangers of grilling!  HOGWASH! Grilling is one of the healthiest ways to cook, AND there are simple steps we can take to minimize and neutralize the “potential” carcinogens that are formed during high temperature cooking of proteins.
Together with our daughter, Dr. Sara Jean Barrett ND, who compiled research studies, we released to the press healthy grilling tips and links to those studies to counter the grilling causes cancer scare AND … a little 1 min rant video from me.  You can view the press release and 1 min video here.

Introducing The Griller’s Diet…Don’t Let Your Meat Grill Alone!

Grill for Your Best Health!  It’s our motto!   I ate my first beet at 50! I now love sweet potatoes and a host of vegetables that I never ate before.  We ALWAYS grill at least one and often two vegetables every time we grill.
I lost 30lbs and improved my cholesterol and blood sugar while grilling more not less.
 Tips for Healthier Grilling:
  1. Meat is not the enemy- just don’t burn it: The research is not in dispute here. Charred, burned meat does contain known carcinogens (HCA’s and PAH’s) but there are plenty of ways to off-set them. Grill food to goal temps, avoid too much open flame or grilling too well done. Grilling faster can also reduce the amount of char.
  2. Eat more vegetables: Grilled vegetables contain counter-balancing antioxidants that research shows neutralize carcinogen formation and works to counter-act it.  Research points to this neutralizing effect with the use of herbs and spices too.
  3. Grill more kinds of vegetables: No butter or calorie-rich sauces required. Sweet potatoes, beets, carrots and squash caramelize at grill temps letting the natural sugars deliver the best and tastiest flavor. Grill peppers, onions, zucchini, with just a touch of olive oil and pepper. Enjoy all that antioxidant power working to improve your health while offsetting the effects of cooking red meat.
  4. Grill more fish and chicken: Grilled chicken does not have to be slathered in barbecue sauce. A simple rub of herbs and spices is healthier and contains more antioxidants. Salmon is ideal to spice up and grill hot and fast like a steak. Is there a tastier way to eat fish than grilled?
  5. Grill on a clean hot grill and ban flare-ups. Eliminating flare-ups is the best way to control char and gain control of the grill.
Spices & Marinades Have Anti-Oxidant Power to Neutralize and Inhibit the formation of Carcinogen Compounds
  • Spice up grilled meats: The antioxidant power of herbs, particularly rosemary, paprika, garlic, sage and black pepper, retard the formation of HCA’s. For example, adding dried cherries to hamburger shows significant reductions in HCA formation.
  • Marinade meat before grilling: Research again points to significant reductions of HCA’s. Be careful not to use flammable marinades as they may do more harm than good.

Introducing Dr. Sara Jean Barrett ND

Sara Jean is a Naturopathic Doctor and is tuned into how food is a key driver for overall health and wellness.
As her proud parents we are excited to watch her build a growing practice in the Minneapolis area and beyond.  She not only contributes to our health but our business as well!
I encourage you to sign up for her newletter.  Here are a couple of links to recent blog posts:
GrillGrate, Eat Well and Prosper!
Welcome Spring 2014! 
We Wish You Health, Happiness and the Pursuit of Grate Grillling!


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