Duck Fat Spray

(16 Reviews)


Duck Fat Spray

Duck Fat Spray


(16 Reviews)



Duck Fat Spray

NOW available in a convenient, easy-to-use spray can! Make POTATOES WITH PIZZAZZ and AWE-INSPIRING ASPARAGUS and CAPTIVATING CARROTS! Get the ULTIMATE SEAR on meats, poultry, fish and shellfish. Serve the CRISPIEST fried chicken. Get the flavor and crunch of fries without frying. Calamari, fish and chips, french fries and more are now delectable PERFECTLY ROASTED with Duck Fat Spray. Prepare the perfect confit. Be a baking star with this secret weapon that gives you golden, puffed and tender FLAKY PASTRIES…and MORE!

Zero fat, Zero Sodium

7 ounce can

Ingredients: Duck Fat, Natural Flavors

Made in the USA


Follow these simple steps to get your Duck Fat working again:

– Remove white tip from top of can

– Place tip in small bowl

– Fill with water to cover tip

– Microwave 1 minute

– Replace tip on can

Shipping & Returns
Shipping & Returns

(16) Reviews

  1. M Kathy Brown (verified owner)

    Totally worth it. Seasoned my grill, adds fat to game birds without affecting the flavor. Perfect!

  2. Robert Stevens (verified owner)

  3. MICHAEL MOLINA (verified owner)

  4. Gina W. (verified owner)

  5. Phillip (verified owner)

    Duck fat adds to and improves the flavor of most veg and meats when cooked.

  6. Lori Bretherton (verified owner)

  7. Steven M Burde

    Looks like good stuff!!

  8. Rick Ruttell

    This is a great product. I seasoned my grill with it and it did a great job! I use it before grilling and it helps in the food not sticking to the grates.

  9. M u

    Emily here! When the duck fat is cold it does squirt out more so than when it is warmer it will spray!

  10. Dave Reinermann

    Great product. Creates an excellent no stick surface on griddle side or rail side. Great for searing!

  11. James Bury

    I am far from an expert but I think this stuff works better than the usual vegetable oil spray by far.

  12. Edmundo Gonzalez

    Highly recommended


    This product lasted for about 5 seconds of spraying time and then stopped working. No amount of cleaning, shaking, etc got it working again so it ended up in the trash. Learn from my mistakes and avoid this product until they get proper packaging.
    We got you – cold does affect DF. Our office will contact you shortly.

  14. Bill K

    This Duck Fat Spray helps you obtain a nice crisp skin on any type of Fowl you grill, and adds a depth to the flavor and color. I ordered more because I liked it so much.

  15. Anonymous

    I was amazed at the flavor the duck fat spray added. Foods brown evenly when sprayed. Great taste and appearance. What more could you want?

  16. Spencer Grant

    Simple, I love it. Only thing that I would change is the spray pattern. Would prefer a round spray instead of a flat spray but that’s just personal preference, product itself is great.

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