The GrillGrate Detailing Tool and Scraper

(24 Reviews)


The GrillGrate Detailing Tool and Scraper

The GrillGrate Detailing Tool and Scraper


(24 Reviews)



The GrillGrate Detailing Tool & Scraper Version 2

*Now Covers 3 Rails at One Time!!!

Handy little tool to help clean those hard to reach places on your GrillGrates. Perfect for maintaining the interlocking joints where carbon tends to accumulate. Also works really well at keeping the holes in the GrillGrates open. For occasional use on the tops of the rails for removal of those stubborn little bits a grill brush won’t remove. Works really well for detailing under your GrillGrates on places such as the fire box, flame tents and drip pans. 14″ wooden handle with 3″ stainless steel scraper. Leather hanging strap.

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Shipping & Returns

(24) Reviews

  1. Jack

    It worked great for me but developed rust spots on the blade after hanging on my outdoor grill. Still works fine but just not the shiny stainless like it was on day 1.

  2. Peter from NH

    Just set the blade at an angle and the top rails are totally clean. 20 seconds and everything is gone. Much easier and quicker than even the best grill brush.

  3. william devoe

    only one complaint. the company that makes this tool needs to drill the hole used for the leather hanger in-line with the tool itself. When I hung it up on the hook on the side of my weber grill, the tool hangs so the pointed end faces the grill cover, and I had a hard time removing the cover because the tool got caught in the grill cover fabric. I immediately took the tool and drilled another hole.

  4. Eduardo D Carceller

    It can destroy the peaks on the grate if not used with care… and even if you use it with care it still can cause some damage. I quit using it all together.
    Brad here- HI Eduardo- thanks for calling this out. I use the Scraper EVERY time I grill – but you are correct I use it carefully and slowly. Just slide down the top of the rails in ONE direction to get off the carbon and then a bit in the joints that’s it. I find it keeps the tops of the rails really smooth. If you dig or go sideways you can get to bare metal but it will heal fast. AL oxide will form very quickly. We are adding this info the product description.

  5. Mike Love

    works just as described. Easy to reach all places after a good scrub down with the grate brush.

  6. Rob

    This scraper is a must have for the GrillGates. It leans the rails very efficiently.
    Brad here- I use the Scraper tool every time I grill. ONE pass down the rails and they are clean and ready to grill. #grillgrateful

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