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Grill Great Breakfast this Holiday

Yields1 Serving

Nothing shows off the versatility of GrillGrates more than grilling breakfast. Flip some or all GrillGrates over and channel your inner short order cook! When friends and family are home for the holidays start the day with a grraaaate grilled breakfast. Breakfast meats are simple, fast, and easy on the flat side. Move the meats off the heat and bring on the eggs, pancakes, French toast, and more!

 Bacon, Ham, Sausage links and patties
 Hashbrown Patties
 Canned biscuits, french toast, and pancakes
For the Meats:

Bacon - uber crispy, no flareups, on the flat side


Ham steaks - grill on rail side up for wonderful flavor and beautiful marks


Sausage - patties or links, flat side or rail side up

For the Other:

Fried Eggs on the flat side. You heard that right, eggs on the grill! Hot GrillGrates make for minimal fall-through!


Biscuits can be made on the flat side or rail side up. Heat your grill up to 350 degrees F and keep flipping until golden.


Pancakes - on the flat side. You do have some fall through but trust us, it is worth it!


French Toast is perfect on either side. Quick and easy!