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Your Blackstone Griddle just got a whole lot more versatile! If you want to achieve grilled flavor on your griddle, just add GrillGrates. GrillGrates not only turn your Blackstone Griddle into a grill, but they also kick your cooking up a notch. Restaurant quality sear marks: Check. Sizzling juices, pops of flavor and happy bellies: Double check.

There’s a GrillGrate made specifically for your Blackstone Griddle! Find your size below:

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GrillGrates For Flat Top

Hard anodized aluminum GrillGrates concentrate the heat of your flat-top or griddle for better, more flavorful cooking.

GrillGrates For Gas

These reversible interlocking panels replace the existing grates on your gas grill, and immediately kick your cooking up a notch.


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