The GrateTongs

(26 Reviews)


The GrateTongs

The GrateTongs


(26 Reviews)



The GrateTongs

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Shipping & Returns

(26) Reviews

  1. Richard Broyhill

    Handy tool when turning things like skewers

  2. Georgeann Caine

    I love my new grill tongs. Due to the width of the tongs, it has multiple uses. I can flip hamburgers ,ribs or chicken with ease!

  3. Van

    Wanted to keep grilling after my hand surgery, but flipping steaks for perfect diamond grill marks is difficult one handed. The tongs make it so much easier for me.

  4. Ken Ross

    Love these new GG Tongs, just what I’ve been needing for handling those Big Stakes and a rack pf Ribs also they are ideal for smaller items Scallops, Hot Dogs and Vegies. Great Idea Grill Grate, I love them so well I got one for my Son and his family, they are loving as well. Thanks G.G. Guys these Tongs are a Home Run with me and my Family!

  5. Jeff Blanchard

    The tongs are meant for big hands, and that is the only possible negative. They slide right into the grates, and are solid enough to offer a solid grip of whatever you are cooking.

  6. Marie Kibby

    I purchased these tongs for use with the Sear-n-Sizzle grate that I purchased for my Nnja Foodi, they are amazing for removing the hot grate from inside the foodi, picks the grate up easily for removal and does not scratch.

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