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Grab Go GrillGrate

Grab, Go, GrillGrate

The Grate Griddle is getting more use on our grill these days. For the past few years it served primarily for grilling bacon and as a breakfast tool on weekend mornings. Now we’re using the GrateGriddle once a week for dinner. What changed? We've been griddling our way through the meat counter at our local supermarket. They offer a variety of ready -to- cook entrees: stuffed chicken breasts, pork, beef, and salmon pinwheels. The package directions call out baking in the oven. We took them out to the grill and griddled them instead. Who knew! Thanks Publix for changing up our grilling game! If you can't grill it, you can griddle it!

The packaging says to bake in the oven but we took them to the GrateGriddle instead. The results exceeded our taste bud’s expectation! The cheeses caramelized into a perfect crust and everything griddled perfectly!
Flank Steak and Mozzarella Roulade

Publix Stuffed Flank Steak,
with Mozzarella Cheese 

400° on Grate Griddle
8 Minutes Each Side/135° Internal

Stuffed Pork Loin Florentine

Publix Boneless Pork Loin,

375° on Grate Griddle
10 Minutes Each Side/145° Internal

Stuffed Chicken Breast

Publix Stuffed Boneless Chicken,
Breast Florentine 

350° on Grate Griddle
15 Minutes Each Side/160° Internal

Flank and Provolone Roulade

Publix Stuffed Flank Steak,
with Provolone Cheese 

400° on Grate Griddle
8 Minutes Each Side/135° Internal

TIP: Keep the Griddle below 500° to keep from burning. To prevent any sticking, we like to use some Duck Fat Spray on the Griddle.

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Grate Griddles in action
Breakfast on the Griddle
Not just for bacon anymore

Until recently our Griddle was primarily used for bacon and breakfast.

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