Indoor Grilling and Griddling with Air Fryers and Smart Ovens

January 29, 2021

Move over George Foreman! Air Fryers and Smart Ovens have changed the landscape of the kitchen and opened a new world of grilling and griddling indoors.

Smart Ovens and Air Fryers

Air-fryers and smart ovens are versatile tools, they are fabulous for french fries, baking, roasting and they also double as indoor grills and griddles because of the temperatures they can achieve. Any air fryer or smart oven that can reach 450°F or more will deliver superb grill like results, better than traditional ovens or stovetops.

Grilling or broiling in an oven or on the stovetop is messy, inconvenient, and challenging. The best way to grill a steak indoors used to be a low roast in the oven followed by a screaming hot sear on the stovetop in a cast-iron pan.

Ribeyes in a June oven

In the Ninja Foodi

Today, the best way to grill a steak indoors

Today, the best way to grill a steak indoors is in an air fryer or smart oven with a grill plate such as the Sear‘NSizzle™ Grate from GrillGrate. Searing grates and griddles combined with the power of air fryers and smart ovens deliver a true outdoor grill experience indoors.

No splatter, no smoke, no mess either with these self-contained powerhouses. No wonder air fryers have been the #1 Gift for 3 years running. The Smart Oven market is growing exponentially as well. We have had our June Oven (recently purchased by Weber Stephens) for over a year, and it has earned a place on our countertop. We cannot wait to receive the Anova Precision Oven and add it to our smart oven line-up. This category is blowing up just as the air fryer category has.

Crabcakes in Foodi Smart Grill XL

Salmon in the June Oven

Steak Pinwheel in the Ninja Foodi

Indoor grilling has come of age with the versatility of air fryers and smart ovens combined with “smart inserts” such as the Sear‘NSizzle™ Grate and the GrateGriddle from GrillGrate.

In the outdoor grill market, GrillGrate proved the value of an improved grill surface on any grill. Grilled foods are juicier, more tender, evenly cooked, and perfectly seared. Now the raised rail design brings outdoor grilling magic indoors.