Anova Combi Oven Griddle & Defrost Plate




Product Description

Anova Combi Oven Griddle & Defrost Plate

This is a Beta product for owners of the Anova Combi Oven and other smart oven owners whose inside width is 16.75”. This product slides on the shelf and does not require a tray below.

Perfect for searing steaks and fish, does wonders for vegetables breakfast and of course pizza! Bacon and eggs are a delight. GrateGriddle works well in a regular oven too! Learn more about what you can do with the GrateGriddle here!

  • GrateGriddle is 16.75” custom cut x 9.375” wide and is made from hard anodized aluminum
  • GrateGriddle is more conductive and radiates heat better than a stone or baking steel
  • The GrateGriddle doubles as a defrosting plate


  • Weight: 41 oz

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