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(14 Reviews)


The Grate Accessory Pack (Combo Tongs, Scraper and Grate Valley Brush)

The Stainless Steel Grate Valley Grill Brush

The Grate Thermometer Bundle- $10 Savings!


The Best Grilling Accessory You’ll Ever Buy for your grill.

If you are looking for a set of multiple 19.25″ GrilGrate Panels with a GrateTool, shop here.

Nobody wants a burnt or dry meal. Flare-ups can quickly ruin any backyard cookout. At GrillGrate, we believe that grilling should be easy, fun, and stress-free – every time. All you need is GrillGrates for your grill.

  • Non-stick Hard Anodized Aluminum Interlocking Panels
  • Two-in-One Surface; Rails Side Up for Traditional Grilling & Flat Side for Flat Top Griddling
  • Rust Resistant Material


  • Faster cooking
  • Simpler grilling with better results
  • Reduced flare-ups
  • Versatility
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Light and transportable

Your Grill, But Better. As opposed to traditional grill surfaces that merely hold the food above the heat source, GrillGrates concentrate heat through the patented raised rail design cooking food faster and more evenly. GrillGrate’s air flow vents and flat side work together to trap grease, prevent charring, and block those pesky flare-ups that tend to engulf and dry out food. When we say better, juicier food every time – we mean it! It is central to the innovative design of this grate. The sizzling-hot valleys vaporize drippings and juices, retaining moisture and enhancing flavor.

Shipping & Returns
Shipping & Returns

(14) Reviews

  1. Patrick Eddy (verified owner)

  2. Rocco (verified owner)

    Was ready to get rid of my gas grill. These grates saved it from the recycle bin. They do exactly what they say they will. Stop the inferno ! Great product. Just one thing needed . A hole big enough for a lighter to get to the burner, when your igniter doesn’t work. This way I wouldn’t need to pick them up almost every time. Recommend these highly.

  3. Chris D. (verified owner)

    They fit my Weber Summit perfectly. The purchasing experience was excellent. I ordered online and just finished my order when I noticed I made a mistake. Called the support line and had the ‘grate’ pleasure of having Edna take care of me. The best customer service experience in a long time. Products are extremely well made. Highly recommend!

  4. Murray

    Best thing since sliced bread, canned beer and night baseball. Excellent heat transfer. Much better than ordinary open grill grates. Professional grill results in a short period of time.

  5. Dick Thomas

    Have used these in the past…on both gas and pellet grills. They’re the best. Even heat with the gas grill; use less gas, even cooking.

  6. Harry Ingle

    This is my second purchase. I bought a set for my buddy’s birthday and then bought one for myself. Replaces the regular stainless grill rods and really heats up fast to 400+

  7. Ron Koch

    I am the world’s worst BBQ cook!!!!!!
    Over the years I have tried many things to improve my cooking on a grill. In spite of my efforts, everything I grill looks like it has re-entered from space without the heat shield….
    My first attempt with my new GrillGates changed all of that. I was able to cook burgers that were perfectly cooked and juicy..I did it again the following day with a flat iron steak….
    There is no stopping me now!!!!!!

    Thank You GrillGrates..(my wife thanks you also)

  8. kevinvcoons@hotmail.com

    Love these. Flare ups are gone. Perfect fit

  9. Gump Wallen

    A great product from a great company. Had a slight problem with sizing and was taken care of with smiles and best wishes. All companies should have such a admirable business awareness.

  10. the dr

    Worked great to completely cover my Alfresco 40″ grill surface. I had to cut off a little over an inch to get it to fit perfectly. It cut like butter with my table saw and a carbide finishing blade. So far I like the grillgrates very much. No flare ups and can turn sections over to use as a griddle or remove sections to make room for a smoker box. These are the best improvements I could have made to the grill.

  11. Tim

    A lot of products don’t do as they promise and let you down. Not this product. One of the best products I’ve purchased and used in a long time. You can cook 20 pieces of chicken jammed in the grill and not even get a flare up. Fatty rib eye steaks, no problem. Cooks evenly with great grill marks every time. Totally impressed. Going to order more to cover the other side of the grill. Thanks for making grilling easy.

  12. Jerry

    Researched this product before purchasing. Met my expectations.

  13. Jim Taggart

    I have used my 19.25 inch grills (I replaced the existing grills in my cooker) about 5 times now and they are working great. I have not noticed a higher temperature and using less propane as some have reported, but it does a good job of even cooking and it keeps the flare ups way down. I put my burners on high and cook strictly by time. It makes grilling a lot more consistent and predictable.

    I am looking forward to grilling brats, kielbasa and other meats that usually cause a big flare up – I am hoping these Grill Grates solve that problem.

  14. Anonymous

    I’ve only used them a few times so far on my Weber Genesis, but they appear to be doing what they claim. Flipped them over and cooked some bacon on griddle side. Absolutely no flare ups. Will be curious to experiment to see if I will be able to do zone cooking on my Weber, as my burners run East/West. Wish Grill Grates would make a version where ribs ran in opposite direction for East/West burner grills. Worst case I’ll just have to use my Weber Kettle for zone cooking, and that’s ok too.

    Wish I knew about these when I had my old Char broil infrared grill. Those infrared grills rusted out every year or so. They would have brought new life to a sorry grill.

    Happy so far!

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