GrillGrate Two Pocket Carrying Bag

(17 Reviews)


GrillGrate Two Pocket Carrying Bag

GrillGrate Two Pocket Carrying Bag


(17 Reviews)



GrillGrate Store & Carry Bag

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Shipping & Returns

(17) Reviews

  1. Todd

    GrillGrates are a must have to deliver the best steaks, chicken, and chops possible for the backyard chef.

  2. Ron

    In truth I don’t use the bag for holding grill grates…..they stay permanently fixed to my PK Grill. I found out this bag is the perfect shape to hold other things….I use the bag to hold the grill grate spatula and tongs as well as all my other grilling stuff….carving knife and fork, temp gun and instant temp probe, matches, etc. That way when it’s time to grill, I grab the bag and take it to the grill and all the stuff is at reach very quickly. Since my PK Grills are easy to transport, this bag is awesome for traveling too.

  3. Don

    The bag serves its purpose but the material is kind of cheap plastic. I would not purchase this if I had seen it in person.
    Hey Don! Michael here with GrillGrate. We have not had issues with the bag ripping or the zipper messing up. Let us know if you have any issues and we will gladly replace.

  4. Harold Butler

    Perfect for storing my Grill Grates.

  5. Terry D,

    I’m sure the bag would be a great addition to someone who is going to transport the grates but for most of us they will remain on the grill. If a ‘free’ gift is given with order then I think the grate valley brush would be better idea and more useful to care for the grates. Maybe I can trade the bag in for the brush…..Oh Well it was a thought.

  6. Mark T

    I have three sets of grill grates and they fit perfectly well in this gift bag with room to spare! The bag is made out of quality material and keeps my grill grates from moving around in my tool drawer where I keep all of my BBQ tools. It was just what I was looking for. I take my grill grates with me camping as well as when I grill at other people’s homes so they will work beautifully when I need to transport them.

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