GrillGrate’s Meat Temperature Guide Magnet- All Weather

(7 Reviews)


GrillGrate’s Meat Temperature Guide Magnet- All Weather

GrillGrate’s Meat Temperature Guide Magnet- All Weather


(7 Reviews)



UPDATED FOR 2019 GrillGrate’s Award Winning Jumbo Magnet

Everything you need to know about internal temperatures of various food products is detailed by the authorities at GrillGrate. Informative and easy to read infographic magnet helps take the guesswork and dangers out of cooking.

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Shipping & Returns

(7) Reviews

  1. Rea Cauthen (verified owner)

    Used it already. Like the magnetic hold

  2. Crystal Valdez

    always good to have for reference, we have ours on our fridge to avoid any sun damage and best part was it was free!!!! definitely will buy another if needed.

  3. LJ

    Nice to have an all-weather chart at your smoker.


    This is a go-to reference guide for me every time I either grill outside or cook indoors, as I’m always preparing something different each time. I can quickly confirm, at a glance, what the internal temperature needs to be at before pulling and resting my food. I have two of them, kept outside at my grilling station and indoors on the side of the refrigerator. Definitely gives peace of mind when it comes to food preparation for me – Love it !

  5. Marty

    Not a knock on the product… it is a handy chart. The only problem I have with it is it’s a magnet so it doesn’t stick on a stainless steel grill.

  6. Richard

    Bought one for myself a year or longer ago and enjoyed it. Was not as weather proof as I thought. It faded in the rain and sun, and all weather.
    Enjoyed it enough though that I bought myself another one and now have given the handy magnetic temperature “cheat-sheet” to several folks for Christmas gifts. Enjoy mine !

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