Sear’NSizzle® GrillGrate for the Foodi GRILL

(10 Reviews)


Sear’NSizzle® GrillGrate for the Foodi GRILL

Sear’NSizzle® GrillGrate for the Foodi GRILL


(10 Reviews)


Griddle Scraper

The ComboTong

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Square grate for Foodi Grill and many other rectangular ovens and air crispers. 

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Shipping & Returns


The magic equation:

GrillGrates + your air fryer = Carefree grilling and juicier food!

Bring the steakhouse sear and juicy grilled flavors from your grill to your kitchen with a reversible GrillGrate for your air fryer. Our Grill Anywhere GrillGrates are made from hard anodized aluminum, a highly conductive and naturally nonstick surface that will bring your air fryer to the next level. How does it work? Raised rails deliver high heat searing and efficiently transfer that heat into the food you're cooking. The valleys vaporize natural juices, adding moisture and grilled flavor back into anything you cook. From your air fryer to your skillet to your camp stove, you can use GrillGrates to transform almost any cooking surface into a grill.

We've gathered our favorite tips for getting the most out of your GrillGrates for air fryers here.

BONUS: Use GrillGrates rails up for traditional grilling, or flip them over for masterful flat top griddling. When you're done cooking on GrillGrates, cleaning your grill surface is easier than ever.



Our raised rail system delivers even heat and the perfect sear, whether it's your first time or your hundredth.


If you have an appliance, we have a grate to fit it!


Made from anodized aluminum, these grates will never rust out. When properly seasoned, they are non-stick and easy to clean.

(10) Reviews

  1. Patrick

    Just like the reviewer before the corners of my grill grate for the Foodi Grill scratch the corners of Foodi bin. I align the corners as best I can using the grills insert but you can still hear/feel it scratch as it lowers into the bin. And this was on my brand new grill. So disappointed. Should just cut off the corners and sand them down as they are not of any use because of where they fit into the grill.
    Brad here we are looking at this issue- our test group did not report it but we’ve heard it a few times. Blunting the corners is a good idea. We don’t want to make it smaller if we can avoid it.

  2. Lee

    I had written that I liked the grill for the Ninja Foodi Grill but that I’d had no response to my problem. I did get a response and my problem was taken care of. What I thought was a peeling off of the coating was a discoloration that can be caused by using the dishwasher; I had read that I was not supposed to use the dishwasher, but I did use a grill and oven cleaner spray that must have caused the problem. I have learned that soaking the Grillgrate grill in the Foodi pan with Dawn and warm water for about 15 minutes will indeed make the grate very easy to clean. Soaking is the key. I make wonderful smash burgers using the flat side of the Grillgrate grill.
    So glad we were able to resolve the issue Lee! #GrillOn

  3. Robert Barr

    I have Grill Grates as a replacement for my grill and thought this might be useful for my Ninja Foodie Grill. It’s worse than just using the default grill. It does not create good (or any) grill marks. It makes the food smoke in the machine way more, and it makes a bigger mess than not using it. At a minimum they should drill holes in the grate like they do on the original version so grease can drip through. This is a big pass for me… It’s like they didn’t test the product.
    Brad here Robert- we tested the heck out of it with a group of 4-5 “influencers” as well as purchasing one. Sorry they did not meet your expectations. Remember with a no questions asked refund policy!

  4. Lee

    Don’t believe the 90-day return policy. I’ve contacted the company twice about returning a defective grate and get no response! The coating is coming off on the grill side. However, I still like this and use it for smash burgers on the flat side. I plan to buy others as gifts. Too bad the company doesn’t stand behind their product.
    Lee- we take customer service very seriously We have had an extraordinary summer and are behind. You can return that product any time. Do know there is NO coating on the product- it can’t peel. It is likely residue or debris that is flaking. I wish you used your full name we could reach out to you.

  5. Bryan H

    Grate is great for searing steaks and chickens. Make wonderful grill cheese when turned upside down.

  6. Lee Friedman

    I bought this grate after watching a YouTuber review it. He seemed to like it a lot. I had high hopes but stopped using it because the edges are SO sharp and it just barely fit inside the grill— so what happens every time I put it in or take it out is that it scratches the ceramic finish off the corners of the pan. No matter how careful I am I Just can’t put it in or take it out without damaging the finish on the pan. It’s just not worth it. If you had rounded the corners or made it just a little smaller it would have worked better. But as it is, it’s now sitting I’m my cabinet and probably won’t be used again.
    Brad here Lee- surprised to hear this we have the Foodi Grill here at the office and use it often and have not experienced your issue. Remember we have a 90 day no questions asked return policy!

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