SkilletGrate Grill Pan Insert

(8 Reviews)


SkilletGrate Grill Pan Insert

SkilletGrate Grill Pan Insert


(8 Reviews)


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Introducing SkilletGrate. Turn any skillet into a grill pan!

The SkilletGrate represents the ultimate in high quality travel cooking accessories. Simply place the SkilletGrate in a skillet and preheat before adding food on top. Enjoy all the same benefits of GrillGrates without even needing a grill!

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Shipping & Returns


The magic equation:

GrillGrates + your skillet = Carefree grilling and juicier food!

We've mastered the outdoor grilling game, and now we're bringing GrillMaster levels of flavor to your stovetop with these Grill Anywhere GrillGrates for skillets. Grill anything indoors with this reversible hard anodized aluminum grate. A highly conductive and naturally nonstick surface, the Skillet Grate makes getting the perfect steakhouse sear easy and quick. How does it work? Raised rails deliver high heat searing and efficiently transfer that heat into the food you're cooking. The valleys vaporize natural juices, adding moisture and grilled flavor back into anything you cook. From your air fryer to your skillet to your camp stove, you can use GrillGrates to transform almost any cooking surface into a grill.

We've gathered our favorite tips for getting the most out of your Grill Anywhere GrillGrates here.

QUICK TIP: Place the grate in your skillet and preheat before placing food on it. Avoid use in nonstick, coated pans (High heat can damage the nonstick coating).

BONUS: Use GrillGrates rails up for traditional grilling, or flip them over for masterful flat top griddling. When you're done cooking on GrillGrates, cleaning your grill surface is easier than ever.

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Our raised rail system delivers even heat and the perfect sear, whether it's your first time or your hundredth.


If you have an appliance, we have a grate to fit it!


Made from anodized aluminum, these grates will never rust out. When properly seasoned, they are non-stick and easy to clean.

(8) Reviews

  1. Ann Maxwell

    I made fish using this grill grate…it came out awesome! It had the grill lines and was so good and easy. Also was easy clean up. Highly recommend.

  2. Norma

    very difficult to clean – grease/dirt gets between grate after cooking. Have tried Dawn power wash, included grill brush, sos pads etc…spent too long trying to get the grease off and this is only after using it one time to grill pork chops – which were pretty lean. There’s got to be a better way. And, yes, I did spray with a bit of canola oil first.
    Hi Norma- I’ll email you as well. There is going to be some patina / staining like cookie sheet that is normal. You are likely seeing nice high heat so go very easy on the oil as it will burn over 500F unless you use avacado oil or grapeseed oil. We’re going to add a picture of a well seasoned grate to our alt views to show this. Thanks, Brad

  3. Gareth Tindell

    Easy to use and easy to store and clean . This grill grate makes grilled food taste as good as an outdoor grill . Suculent and tasty . A must have for anyone that has the Ninja Foodi

  4. Vicki B

    When I owned my home, I grilled 2-3 times a week. I now live an apartment and purchased my Ninja because countertop indoor grills couldn’t produce the grilled foods I love. With the Sizzle n Sear grill grate, I look forward to bringing back the flavor and texture I love in my favorite grilled dishes.

  5. Jim

    I purchased this and it came on time. In Minnesota when it is -15 below out, cooking steaks outside is not an option for me. The description said it will fit most 12inch pans. This is not true as most skillets are tapered. You will need to purchase a 13.5 or larger pan as a 12 inch pan has roughly a 10inch surface. The grill grate will not sit flat and so I just ordered a large pan. In for $80 to cook steaks indoors. I love my grill grates and have them for my Primo Oval Jr.

  6. LS

    Great product and family approves! Bought a bigger Lodge pan to use and accommodate this product–worked perfect. Good induction of heat from a gas stove top, measured grill temperatures in 500 deg F plus with IR thermometer. A great kitchen option which is tempting to use more like often now.

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