Temp & Time Instant Read Thermometer

(7 Reviews)


Temp & Time Instant Read Thermometer

Temp & Time Instant Read Thermometer


(7 Reviews)



Temp & Time Instant Read Thermometer

The Temp & Time Instant-Read Thermometer is an essential grilling tool. Unlike any other thermometer on the market, it has the unique feature of keeping time in between temperature checks! When the probe shuts, the thermometer’s automatic 99-minute timer begins counting up so you know exactly how long it’s been since your last temperature check.

It features a super-fast thermocouple which reads out in 2-3 seconds. That means less time losing heat while the lid stands open and more time cooking! It also features a reverse white LCD that is easy to view in low light situations. The rotating display makes it easy to read at any angle.

Shipping & Returns
Shipping & Returns

(7) Reviews

  1. edgar m. (verified owner)

  2. Paul Rieger (verified owner)

  3. Colin

    I found it accurate and compact easy to use

  4. Jason C

    I purchased this thermometer a year and 2 months ago (June of 2019), and it stopped working. I have been incredibly careful with it. The switch the turns it on automatically doesn’t work anymore.
    Jason- if you see this contact our office 2 months is not acceptable. I have a couple that are going on 3 years and probably 3rd or 4th set of batteries.

  5. Carl W Swanson

    Somehow it switched to C degrees and I can’t find out how to change it back to F degrees. No button that I can see
    Emailing you Carl- thanks for putting your name here so we can help you fix. There are two buttons on the back- holding one of them down will switch it.

  6. David Berger

    The thermometer work great and appears to be very accurate but the price is way out of line compared to the ones I subsequently checked out on Amazon.

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